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Ean and Caleb   |   Jan 05, 2003   |   Multiple Losses
This young mother shares the story of finding out she was pregnant with twins. She was put on bedrest and followed doctor's orders. Yet, she still lost both babies. Her family wants her to move on in her grief, but she still cries many tears and the pain won't go away.

I'll Never Get Over It   |   Jan 04, 2003   |   Adult Loss
A mother recounts the last moments she had with her youngest son. The next time she saw him was in the ER when she found out he had been shot and did not make it. This mother is not over it yet, and does not know if she will ever get over the shock of his death.

I Have Lost Twice   |   Jan 04, 2003   |   Ectopic Pregnancy Loss
This young mother tells of her confirmed pregnancy and joy. Shortly after, she began having symptoms of a miscarriage. The pain continued, though, and an ectopic pregnancy was discovered, along with possible cancer of the cervix. Faith is being put to the test.

LindaC   |   Jan 04, 2003   |   Adult Loss
A mother reflects on the birth of her son thirty one years ago. There were so many wonderful firsts to enjoy. Now, this son is gone, and the firsts are no longer fun. They are different and painful reminders of times gone past. Memories are all that are left behind.

Our Angel, Jacob Darren   |   Jan 03, 2003   |   Infant Loss
This mother tells of the perfect birth of her beautiful son Jacob. Shortly after birth, though, heart problems were discovered. The next few days consisted of surgeries, infection, and finally shut down of major organs. Jacob is now an Angel. His parents hold onto faith.

A Mother's Broken Heart   |   Jan 02, 2003   |   Multiple Losses
This young mother has suffered tragedy upon tragedy in her life. She has has an ectopic pregnancy. She lost a son in a bicycle accident. Her father-in-law died to cancer on her birthday. And, now her husband was killed by a drunk driver. Yet, she continues to hope.

My Little Emma Louise   |   Jan 01, 2003   |   Infant Loss
Christmas Day will never again be the same for this mother as she recounts losing her precious Emma Louise. Even though she is receiving great support from all those she loves, she doesn't know how she will go on when the grief feels so overwhelming.

Faith, in the arms of Jesus   |   Jan 01, 2003   |   Infant Loss
A mother has written a loving tribute to her baby Hannah girl, Hannah Faith Moreland.

A PLACE   |   Jan 01, 2003   |   Multiple Losses
A special poem has been written for all those who have lost children. Please be sure to read and be encouraged.

Rocky Days   |   Dec 31, 2002   |   Adult Loss
A mother shares her thoughts about the pain of child loss. She compares the pain to a haunting grief that pierces the heart and never truly goes away. She hope for a more gentle tomorrow.

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