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Feeling Stronger Through Loss   |   Jan 25, 2003   |   Multiple Losses
This mother shares her journey of finding out she was pregnant, then of losing the baby. Once again, she experienced tremendous joy, only to lose this baby through miscarriage, too. Now, she is looking for answers and feeling stronger because of her losses.

My Jeremy   |   Jan 24, 2003   |   Early Child Loss
A mother shares the beautiful memories she has of her precious son. She never knew anyone could touch a heart with such intensity. Jeremy fell from a deck when he was 3, and he died. His organs have helped 6 other children to live, and that brings some peace.

My Dearest Casey   |   Jan 24, 2003   |   Adult Loss
A mother writes a letter from the heart to her son Casey. She misses him now, but she also misses all that he would have been. She misses the memories that were and the memories that were to be. Some day they will meet again, and it won't be a moment too soon.

We Tried Everything   |   Jan 23, 2003   |   Teenage Loss
This mother shares the difficult journey her daughter had while trying everything to stave off the progression of Hodgkins Lymphoma. After a series of treatments trying all options, Valerie's body shut down and she peacefully went to be with the Lord.

Do Not Rest In Peace   |   Jan 20, 2003   |   Teenage Loss
This mother expresses in verse her feelings of grief as she protests the loss of her precious daughter.

Poems: "Child" and "Jenna"   |   Jan 20, 2003   |   Multiple Losses
A mother has dedicated poems she's written in memory of her two children. Lewis was stillborn, and Jenna died of Edwards Syndrome. This mother pictures her children happily playing together.

Allowing Grief   |   Jan 18, 2003   |   Adult Loss
A mother questions aloud how others can try to place their standards of grief on another. She has lost her son, and she will grieve in her own way and in her own time. She needs others to simply allow her to grieve.

Enjoy the Life Inside You   |   Jan 18, 2003   |   Miscarriage
A mother shares her intimate thoughts when she first found out she was pregnant. At first, all of her thoughts were negative. But, she did fall in love with her baby, and then the unthinkable happened. She had a miscarriage. Her message to others is to enjoy the life inside you.

Feelings of Despair   |   Jan 17, 2003   |   Multiple Losses
This mother has suffered through four miscarriages and is feeling despair. She wants a baby, and needs to know that somehow this dream will come true.

I Am A Mother   |   Jan 17, 2003   |   Miscarriage
This mother was thrilled with her healthy four month pregnancy. She and her husband were involved in a car accident, and a scan revealed that the baby's heart stopped beating. So much pain surrounds this loss. It is difficult being a childless mother!

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