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My Little Dominic   |   Dec 16, 2002   |   Infant Loss
A mother shares the story of her little Dominic's premature birth at 22 1/2 weeks. He was a miracle baby, living for 14 hours. This mother feels cheated, though, as she never got to hold her son or say good-bye. She misses her little Dominic.

I Miss Shane   |   Dec 16, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
This mother shares her grief over the loss of her son Shane. It has been four years since Shane's death, and the grief continues to hit unexpectedly and often with tremendous force. This mother misses her son every single day, and always will.

Feeling Like a Failure   |   Dec 15, 2002   |   Multiple Losses
This young mother tells of the elation of two of her pregnancies, only to have all of her dreams stolen away by miscarriages. She cannot understand why some people are so blessed, and others are left in such pain. Why were her babies taken away?

Lost Friends   |   Dec 14, 2002   |   Adult Loss
A grieving mother not only feels the pain of losing her only son, but she feels the constant pain of friends who have vanished and have discarded her. She has lost yet again.

My Angel, Darren   |   Dec 13, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother shares the circumstances of the birth of her only son, Daren Treon Oguin, who was born still. She has anger towards the doctors and at the situation that seems to have no answers. In time, this mother prays she can learn to live without Darren.

My William   |   Dec 13, 2002   |   SIDS Loss
A young mother shares her indescribable grief over the loss of her precious 3 month old son to SIDS. Without William, this mother finds it difficult to face the breaking of each new day. She wonders how she will get the strength to go on.

My Precious Kristen Valery   |   Dec 13, 2002   |   SIDS Loss
This mother struggled with infertility for years. Finally, she was blessed with children through adoption. Never did she know such pain could exist until her precious Kristen Valery went home to God through a SIDS death. The road of grief is long and difficult.

Another Loss   |   Dec 12, 2002   |   Adult Loss
A mother's heart has been broken by the death of her son. Now, it seems, her heart is broken again as friends distance themselves because they cannot deal with her emotions. The prison of pain seems unending.

A Devastating Loss   |   Dec 12, 2002   |   Miscarriage
A mother talks of her great disappointment when she miscarried her much-wanted baby. An aboriginal woman told this mother that this baby is being looked after, and that some day this child will come back. This mother finds great comfort in that thought.

Hurt Beyond Measure   |   Dec 12, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This young mother shares the joy of her pregnancy. This joy ended at 22 weeks when her son was born too soon and only lived 2 hours. Life is so disappointing for this mother. She is hurt beyond measure, and needs the blessing of a baby in her arms.

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