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Vanished Dreams   |   Jan 13, 2003   |   Infant Loss
This mother tells of her excitement as she went to a 36 weeks check-up for her pregnancy. Everything went well until the discovery that there was no heartbeat. A beautiful little girl, Taeya, was born still. In moments, this mother's dreams vanished so quickly.

My Heart's Desire   |   Jan 12, 2003   |   Multiple Losses
This young nurse wants so much to have a baby. She and her husband have had two pregnancies and two miscarriages. After spending time in grief, they now feel ready to conceive again. This mother asks for support as she lives so far away from family.

A Gift From God   |   Jan 11, 2003   |   Miscarriage
A mother recalls the events of her life over the past several months and brings to mind the importance of having trust in God during difficult times. She went to the doctor feeling ill, and much to her surprise, God has given her a gift--a baby. Miracles do happen!

Simple Joys   |   Jan 11, 2003   |   Adult Loss
A mother who has known the grief and sorrow of losing a child shares some of the "Simple Joys" that bring comfort into her life.

She Should Be   |   Jan 10, 2003   |   Teenage Loss
A mother writes in poetic verse of her intense grief over the loss of her daughter . The message is clear and to the point. She should be here!

Mechele Is Still With Us   |   Jan 10, 2003   |   Adult Loss
A mother tells of the grief of losing her 27 year old daughter to cerebral palsy. Mechele brought so much joy into this mother's life. Even though her physical body is gone, her spirit is very much alive.

Two Holes In My Family   |   Jan 06, 2003   |   Miscarriage
This mother recounts a previous miscarriage and then tells of the joy of a new pregnancy. Through a series of painful events, this mother found out that she miscarried this baby, too. It now feels like there are two big holes in her family. The pain hurts so much!

My Son, David Lee   |   Jan 06, 2003   |   Infant Loss
A young mother shares the excitement of her first pregnancy. She journals each healthy doctor's visit until a tragedy happens. After not feeling movement, it is confirmed her beautiful son, David Lee, will be born still. This mother longs to fill her empty arms!

I Will Never Give Up   |   Jan 06, 2003   |   Miscarriage
A mother shares the excitement of her first pregnancy following almost two years of trying. But, dreams were stolen away by miscarriage. There has since been another pregnancy and another miscarriage. This mother still holds onto hope and will never give up!

The Ultimate Cost of Drugs   |   Jan 05, 2003   |   Adult Loss
A grieving mother tells of the price that is paid when one makes the choice to use drugs. The price is far too high. Drugs kill.

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