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A Gift From God
Jan 11, 2003

I wrote to you and shared my story in December of 2002, The story is titled "I Trust God" How unusual that you should pick that for the title. My father had passed away Dec 15, 2002 as you know from the last time I shared with you, well I have to say that I have whitnessed a miracle through God whithin the last week. I of course have been feeling blue with the loss of my father, and I have been stressed out to the max dealing with the lawyers and banks dealing with his estate. I got the flu on New Years eve, I was sicker than ever, since then I just havn't felt up to par. On Jan 9, 2003 I made an appointment with the Doctor to see If I needed medicine to perk me up. I arrived at the doctor and she asked all the usual questions.... any fever, loss of appetite, etc... then the BIG one.... when was your last period???? Well ... silly old me... the same me who has charted and charted my cycles and ovulation for the last 2 yrs, I was stunned... hmmmm let me see... Well I said.. I think it was Dec 10 when it started, and yes I am like clockwork 28 day cycle... but I also told her of the loss of my father and all the stress I was having, so I told her I was probablly a little late due to stress... no big deal, It was just a couple of days. Then I sat there still shocked that I didn't know the first day of my last period.... since my miscarriage in August I had done sooo good keeping up with all of that. The doctor wanted to make sure I had no infection in my Kidneys so she made me pee in the cup. I was then told to go wait in the waiting room, and when the results came in the nurse would bring me the prescription I needed. Well to my suprise I looked up and there was my doctor... she said would you please come with me again, so i followed her... Well she said, If you could have anything in the whole world right now what would it be, and i said ... well doctor I would love to feel better for now, but after that I would love to have a baby sometime... and she threw this white thing at me and smiled... I turned it over in my hand and It was a pregnancy test and It actually had 2 lines on it a pink one and a blue one, I looked at her and said you're kidding right and she said, nope, you got your wish. She told me she thought it was just funny how all this bad stuff had happened to me here lately, and then I was not feeling well, and she just took a chance and did the pregnancy test and it came out positive!!!! I am so HAPPY, & so is my husband... I am so glad we trust God, This pregnancy is truly a gift from God, although I have to wonder if my father in heaven has a little something to do with all of this. I know the date I concieved and it was Dec. 22, 2002 exactly one week after my father passed away. I just want to let everyone out there know that I truly do believe if you trust in God, no matter how many things go wrong in your life he will guide you through it. My midwife told me yesterday that after I get through the first 12 weeks, the chance of miscarriage will decrease a lot. I am at 4 and a half weeks now and I will pray every day for God to look out for me and my baby, and to take care of my father! I thank everyone who has shared their stories... they have really helped me deal with my grief. I will keep you all posted on my miracle pregnancy after miscarriage!!
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