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Our Angel, Jacob Darren
Jan 03, 2003

My name is Heather. I have suffered two miscarrages in 1999 and 2001. When my Husband and I found out we were expecting in March of 2002 we were so happy. Everything seemed to go find with the pregnancy. We had a scheduled C-section because our first son weight 10lb 14 oz 22inches and the doctor thought Jacob was going to be a BIG boy too! We went in at 6:00am November 21, 2002 to finally meet our son Jacob. Everything went find he was delivered at 8:30am and weight in at 9lb 3oz 21inches. He had a strong cry and the doctor scored him a 9 on the Apgar scale. We had him all day and into the evening. He nursed 3 to 4 times and seemed perfect. Later that evening my Husband and son went home.The nurse came in to take Jacob back to the nursery around 10:30pm so I could get some rest and recover. She came back in and woke me around 11:30-12:00 to tell me Jacobs oxygen levels had dropped and they had called in a specialist from Madison and he was on his way. I called my husband and told him to come to the hospital right away something was wrong with Jake. The Doctor said it had something to do with Jacob's heart and they needed to transport him to Madison and do a heart echo. I had to stay because of the C-section. My husband and Mother went with Jake. They found out he had a blocked pulmonary heart valve and he needed surgery. Once again he was transported to Milwaukee Children's Hospital to have the heart surgery. They performed the surgery on Friday and everything seemed to go smoothly. The doctors were very happy with how he did and was confident he would be perfectly fine.
I was still recovering in our hometown hospital and praying for everything to be fine. The next day my mother called and said the doctors found an infection in his colon and it was leaking fluid. They had to open up his abdomin and found his colon had died and the infection had spread to his small intestines.They had to remove his colon and part of his small intestines and pump him full of antibotics. Now we had to play the waiting game. They opened him up again and we had hope but his kidneys needed to start functioning again. I was finally able to join my family. His kidneys did not function and they believe his liver was also infected with the e-coli based infection and his body was starting to shutdown. We now had to make a decision. We have a strong Faith and knew Jacob would be in the best place with God.
We were able to hold our precious Jacob as they disconnected him from life support. He passed with Love surrounding him. Our Families have been wonderful we are truly blessed. I know we will see our little Angel again someday. We have hope and our faith. I know it will take a very long time so it doesn't hurt as much but I am thankful for the time we had with Jacob. He will greatly missed and Loved by his Mommie, Daddy, Big brother,Grandparents, Aunts,Uncles, and Friends.

Jacob Darren
November 21, 2002 ~ November 26, 2002
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