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Three Beautiful Children   |   Aug 25, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This couple shares the names of their three children all taken much too soon by miscarriage.

Forever In My Presence   |   Aug 24, 2002   |   SIDS Loss
A mother shares her story of heartache and grief when her son was taken away at 12 weeks suddenly due to SIDS. Even though others say that it will get easier with time, for this young mother six years ago seems like yesterday. James is forever is this mother's presence.

Miscarriage Is A Lonely Grief   |   Aug 24, 2002   |   Miscarriage
Losing a baby has left this mother feeling totally devasted and like a complete failure. The only thing that will help pull her out of moments of depression is to get pregant again. It is this mother's hope that she can help others realize that they are not alone in grief.

All I Want Is A Baby!   |   Aug 23, 2002   |   Miscarriage
Another loss, and only questions fill this young mother's heart. Will I ever have a child? Did I wait too long? Am I being punished? Losing her baby has filled this mother's heart with a consuming grief.

Gabriella's Smile Is My Gift   |   Aug 16, 2002   |   Infant Loss
Life was perfect with my twins, a boy and a girl. My world changed, though, the moment Gabriella's apnea monitor called me to a lifeless body. They say time heals, but I can tell you it does not. My eternal gift is Gabriella's smile. That can never be taken away.

A Mother's Love: To My Dear Child   |   Aug 10, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This mother wrote a letter to her child very shortly after learning that a baby was growing insider of her. A few short weeks later the baby was miscarried. Though others do not understand, this mother mourns her child, and cherishes the life of her precious baby.

Nobody Tries To Understand   |   Aug 08, 2002   |   Miscarriage
Being pregnant gave me a lot of hope. I was told that spotting was normal in the pregnancy. When I had an ultrasound, my baby was gone. Now, people are telling me I shouldn't be sad over something never there. Nobody even tries to understand my deep pain.

I Miss Her More Each Day   |   Jul 17, 2002   |   Infant Loss
Read this honest account of a father's grief as he recalls the brief time spent with his precious Madelynn. Even though there was lots of support when Madelynn left this earth, this father says that it gets harder and harder with each passing day. He misses Madelynn!

When An Adult Child Dies   |   Jul 08, 2002   |   Adult Loss
Some people think that losing an adult child is somehow easier than losing a young child. That's not so! Read a mother's story of the loss of her adult son and the pain that has touched the life of each family member.

Why Did This Happen?   |   Jul 02, 2002   |   Multiple Losses
Several losses leave this mother's heart yearning for her children who never had a chance to live. Losing a son at 15 weeks, this mother chose to have her baby cremated where he can stay at home. Fear still resides in this mother's heart as she grieves.

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