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I Miss Her More Each Day
Jul 17, 2002

Hello, My name is Kelly. My daughter Madelynn Ophelia Wyatt passed away April 18, 2002. She was born March 18, 2002. She was my first and only child. My wife has another daughter from her previous marriage. When Madelynn was born she was taken to NICU immeditaitly because the nurse's said her blood suger was low and that this was just a precaution. She stayed two weeks, they where trying to get her billrubin up. She was still alittle jaundice, after all her test and stuff came back ok. So they let us take her home. But we had to bring her back every week to outpatient care, they still didn't know what was makeing her bilyrubin low. We where told that aslong as she was eating and sleeping ok that it would be alright, so on the 17th of april my wife went back to outpatient care and the docters took the normal blood work, and cultures, and when I spoke to him, he told me that this could just really be one of those "crazy infant things" that could just pass tommorrow. We had her pediatrition's appointment the next day, and he told us to get reffered to a liver specialiest just to make sure. That night we went to sleep, and Madelynn would usually eat at about 10:00pm and then again at Midnight. She took her 10pm preatty good, then I went to sleep, at about 4:30 in the morning my wife woke me up and said that she didn't eat at all, so she lays her on my chest and calls the doctor at children's, I could tell that something was wrong with her. So my wife came back into the bedroom and said that the doctor told her that it really didn't sound major but we could bring her in if we wanted. I got up to put cloths on and came down stairs and my wife looked at me and said she's not breathing, I couldn't really tell, so we jumped in the car and headed towards the hospital, My wife had Madelynn laying on her lap, and she called 911, and they where trying to tell her how to do CPR, when I arrived at the hospital, a nurse was waiting, and I just had a feeling it was really bad, I mean the whole way to the hospital I couldn't tell for my self, I was driving so fast and trying to keep an eye on the road, but I didn't get scared until I saw the nurse out front. They put us into the little room out of the ER, and when the doctor came in and told us I was just bad, me and my wife, all I could do was just cry out loud. Things have been bad ever since that moment. They did an autopsy and found within just a few days what it was. Adrenal Hyperplasia(excuse the spelling) their was a problem with her adrenal gland over her kidney, and for the life of me I can't understand how it went unnoticed. They whole time she was in NICU the took blood, cultures, all kinds of test every day. The funeral was beautiful everything was perfect for my little angel. Everyone was great, we recived alot of help and support from our family and friends. But it just keeps getting harder and harder. I have read some post of others here and you all know what its like, and I'm just thankful theirs a place like this. I feel for all of you who have lost as well.
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