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21 Hours Changed My Life Forever   |   May 06, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother shares the story of how 21 hours spent with her precious son changed her life forever. Baby Gavin only lived a few hours because of a malignant tumor on his left kidney. Now he is with the best babysitter of all--God!

"Baby Lane" Moved On To Be With God   |   May 02, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This mother chose a very special name for her miscarried child, "Baby Lane." Lane means to "move on", and this mother is having a very difficult time moving on right now. She feels only emptiness and pain.

Visits From An Angel   |   May 02, 2002   |   Infant Loss
Baby McKenzie died, but she makes frequent visits to her mother. Read about this mother's story of how she knows that her baby angel McKenzie is always nearby.

Jacob--My Life, My Teacher, My Angel (continued)   |   May 02, 2002   |   Early Child Loss
In the aftermath of Jacob's death, his mom misses him so much that some days it is difficult to go on. But, young Jacob knew he was going to be an Angel, and asked his mom to please take good care of his sister Kylie. Jacob is truly a very special Angel!

Jacob--My Life, My Teacher, My Angel   |   May 01, 2002   |   Early Child Loss
This mother shares moments with her 3-year-old son Jacob following the diagnosis of a brain tumor in September 2001. Jacob's brief life was one of extraordinary courage. After reading this story, your heart will be changed forever!

Love My Baby   |   May 01, 2002   |  
This poem was written on Mother's Day afternoon 2001, the first Mother's Day after Madeline Rose was born into heaven due to ectopic pregnancy. Share in the deep feelings this mother has for her precious baby.

The Day My World Shattered   |   Apr 29, 2002   |   Infant Loss
A precious baby girl was born, but never got to take even one breath. This young mother cannot believe that her baby girl is not here to play with her big brother. This all seems like a nightmare that will one day go away, and nothing at all seems real.

Sunny Left Much Too Soon   |   Apr 29, 2002   |   Early Child Loss
This young mother was overjoyed with the birth of her little girl, Sunny. Two and a half years later, Sunny took her usual nap, but she never awakened. She went home to be with God. This mother's faith is strengthened in spite of her broken heart.

Always In My Thoughts   |   Apr 28, 2002   |   Miscarriage
A perfect pregnancy ends at 36 weeks with baby Joseph-Mika going to live in heaven. This mother shares that grief has touched her heart so deeply, that 3 years later Mika is always in her thoughts, even though she knows he is safe and in God's care.

Angels Watching Over   |   Apr 27, 2002   |   Miscarriage
A young mother struggles with the grief of losing her precious Caitlin and Caitlin's Great PawPaw all in the same week. Someday this mother hopes her son will understand the meaning of having two angels watching over him.

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