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Visits From An Angel
May 02, 2002

I wanted to share with everyone what I have witnessed from my daughter that was stillborn on 2-24-00 due to the cord around her neck. I have spoke to some women in my area that have lost a child and have witnessed some of the same things I have. I have my full story about my daughter McKenzie already on the site it's under NEW NEED ADVICE FROM ANYONE.

Her room is still set up we just took her crib down a few months ago. My cat Dibble is very protective of her bedroom. He likes to sleep in her rocking chair and doesn't let anyone sit in it not even me. I have witnessed the rocking rock by its self with my cat in it and not in it. I was given the blanket they wrapped her in after she was born the nurses put it in a zip lock bag to keep her scent in it. I have it in a safe deposit box in the bank. I have gone into her room and smelled her scent and have heard a child laughing.

I have taking photos of her room and she has a white bookcase with angels and her memory book on it. In the upper left part of the photo is a childs face in white light. I also have a photo of her rocking chair and above the chair are white lights. I showed the photos to someone that is what you call a ghost hunter and she said they were orb's. I know it's my daughter, to some of you I might sound nuts but I have friends that have witnessed some of the same things when they were over my house.

The one part of her bedroom were we feel her the most is by her rocking chair that is were her crib used to be. We now have ther spair bed in there. I sleep in her room when I'm upset and it calms me.

One night my boyfriend and I were watching a movie and the tv kept turning off by itself after the 3rd time turning off my boyfriend said.... McKenzie mommy and daddy want to see this movie. We both heard a little laugh and the tv stopped turning off.

One night laying in her room I looked up and above me was a white HUGE angel shape, I closed my eyes and than opened them thinking I was seeing things and the figure was gone.
It calms me and gives me comfort seeing and feeling my daughter. I know that she will always be there for me and my boyfriend.

A week after she died my boyfriend woke up out of a dead sleep of a baby crying from her room, he went into her room and put his hand in her crib and said McKenzie it's okay and the crying stopped. This happened to him 2 other times.

If anyone has had something like this happen to them please share your story. Thank you, Lecia
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