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Sunny Left Much Too Soon
Apr 29, 2002

Gosh were to start. Well I waited all my life to have a little girl, to name after my mother Sunny, who died when I was 10 years old. Well in 1995 I had a little boy Nico my pride and joy. Then 2 in a half years later I had a Little girl her name (Sunny).
All Of my dreams came true, I have a boy who is a mommas boy and a beautiful little girl who I named after my mother. 2 in a half wonderful years went by I was so happy. Well on June 26,2000 I met my husband at the bank, he had both the kids with him. It was a little before 12 o clock noon. Sunny seemed very tired, it was almost time for her nap. She was so wonderful in the morning. Well when we were at the bank she wanted me to hold her, so I picked her up and she held me so tight. Asked her if she wanted a lollipop she shook her head no. Hmmm I wondered is she starting to feel sick or is she just tired. It was a really hot day so I did not know if she had a fever, she did not seem to. I had plans to go to lunch with2 friends that day and go out later that evening. At the end of lunch they wanted to do some shopping I said no I am going to go home. They said Cami you never get out of the home. I said I know but I want to bewith my kids before we go out tonight.. And in the back of my head I knew I did not want to go out thatnight. I do not like being away from my kids for to long. I wasvery excited to get home a nervous excitment like I knew somthing was wrong.. Well I turnedonto my street to see all these cop cars, scared me to death.. My husband dripping in sweat. My son was sent to a neighbors house, we were rushed to the Hospital were my daughter Sunny was and no one told me anything. I went there to see my daughter lying ona Hospital bed so still, she wasn't moving. I finally found out that she went down for anap and died in her sleep. My husband try to bring her back and my son who was 5 at the time thought his sister was playing dead. We found out 2months later that she had Fifth disease (parvo B 19)it is very common child hood disease but can become fatal in .08 percentof children. It then went to her heart and caused Myocarditis Virus of the heart (swelling of the outerlayer) it caused her to have heart failure. Gosh how they can be here one moment and be gone the next. It will be 2 years thisJune26 and I still cannot believe I went through such a horrible thing. It seems so far out there to me, does anyone feel that? I have become so spiritual through all this and that has helped me through.I recently had a new baby girl she is 7 months know Abby-Bella she has brought alot of joy to me. And she reminds me so much of Sunny. At times I thinkI am doing so well and then it hits and boy when it hits it hits. I have read some storyies here and I am so sorry for your losses. Boy it felt good to write this, thank you all for listening to me. Everybody take care and BIG BLESSINGS to ALL of YOU. }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ Butterfly Kisses to ALL

Cami (SunnyGirl)
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