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A Mother's Love: To My Dear Child
Aug 10, 2002

I wrote this letter to my child shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I just thought that maybe someday when he/she was grown up it would be a gift, to show my child how loved and wanted he/she was. I was going to throw it away now that I've miscarried, but first I will post it here so somebody will see how much I loved my first child.

July 22, 2002
To my dear child:
I am so happy to be writing this letter to you. I found out a little more than two weeks ago that I am pregnant with you. The joy I feel is indescribable.
You are still too small for me to feel you inside me, but I can feel my body changing as it prepares to nurture you and send you into the world. I'm so excited and I have so many questions - are you a boy or a girl? Will you have your dad's brown eyes, or my hazel, or your uncle Matt's blue ones? Will you have your grandpa's high metabolism? Will you be nearsighted like me or have 20/20 sight like both your uncles? Will you have brown hair like both parents, or red like uncle Tim's? By the time you read this, we will both know the answers to all these questions.
My beloved child, know that you are wanted and loved. We planned for you and then waited anxiously for your conception. You are born of my and your father's love, and just by existing you make the world a better place. In our love for you, you will grow strong and sure. Any mistakes you make, you will outgrow. Any burden placed on you will eventually be lifted. You will find your way over, around, beneath, or through any obstacles you face, I promise.
I will always love you and cannot wait to meet you.
Love - your mother.

Baby Donahue
Conceived about 06/15/2002
m/c ???
m/c discovered 08/07/2002
Yes, you WERE already a baby. You DID exist. And even if nobody but me cries, your life was cherished and your death is mourned. I love you always.
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