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The Most Difficult Decision   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Early Child Loss
This mother tells of Jeffrey's first epileptic seizure. The doctors said Jeffrey would be okay. But, after several months of multiple seizures, this little boy went into a coma. The most difficult decision had to be made. Jeffrey was taken off of life support.

Our Miracle Was Taken Away   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This mother shares her few weeks of elation over a miracle baby. During a routine ultrasound it was discovered that the heart stopped beating, and now she feels like part of her heart has been torn away. The only way to describe the pain is "empty."

I Feel So Guilty   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This mother is dealing with several complex grief issues, but the overriding emotion is guilt from the stillbirth of her son. She continues to blame herself because of the stress she had about the pregnancy. She is finally beginning to deal with this loss.

My Beautiful Girl, A Wonderful Singer   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Adult Loss
This mother's daughter was told she was going through menopause. She was given some medicine, and shortly after she died. She was a beautiful girl, and a wonderful singer. She began singing hymns, and Brenda's parent's are so proud.

Choosing the Path   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
This mother lost her 14 year old son to a bicycle accident 4 years ago. The anniversary date is coming up, and it seems like a lifetime. She now has learned how to choose the path of her grief, often choosing to walk the path of life, too.

Life Changes Instantly   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Adult Loss
This husband and father knows all too well that life can change in an instant. After years of infertility, he and his wife were blessed with a beautiful son. The following day, his wife had trouble breathing, and in 30 minutes she had passed away. The grief is deep.

My Butterfly Flew Away   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Ectopic Pregnancy Loss
A mother shares her thoughts on an ectopic loss. She not only lost her baby, but part of her fertility and her dreams. This is her second loss; her butterfly flew away. The babies have been given names with much meaning, Gabriel and Savannah.

Our Unique and Beautiful Butterfly   |   Sep 16, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This young mother tells for the first time of her beautiful daughter's life and death. This baby girl, Raelyn Marie, was loved more than life. She went home with the Lord before she breathed her first breath, and a mother and father are left to deeply grieve.

Rest In Peace, My Baby   |   Sep 15, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This mother knew deep down that something wasn't right with her baby. An ultrasound showed her what she felt. Her baby had stopped growing at 14 weeks. Now, this mother must have a D&C, and must learn to live with the emotional pain and grief.

Trying To Live Again   |   Sep 15, 2002   |   Multiple Losses
This mother has had a double grief. In 1981, she lost her beautiful baby girl to SIDS. Years later, her living daughter found out she was pregnant, only to have her baby go to term and die of umbilical strangulation. This grief has taken its toll in drugs and alcohol.

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