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I Still Miss Him   |   Sep 15, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother had a perfect pregnancy on November 1. On November 2, she delivered her beautiful baby boy at 24 weeks. He was born still, and he is missed with every passing day.

My Very Own Angel   |   Sep 11, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother went through tremendous grief as she delivered a baby 24 weeks old who only lived a brief time. She held her baby, kissed him, and spent the last hours with him before he left this earth. She finds joy knowing she has her very own angel in heaven.

Moving Ahead One Breath At A Time   |   Sep 10, 2002   |   Infant Loss
As you read this father's tender account of the life and death of his perfect little son, your heart will share in this grief. Logan choked on a pretzel, and his breath was never restored. Read this father's loving tribute to Logan, his precious son.

You Will Always Stay In My Heart   |   Sep 08, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother shares her thoughts of the day her perfect son was taken away. A thousand what ifs can't bring him back. This mother grieves for her precious little son who will always live on in her heart.

I Will Be Still No More   |   Sep 02, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother's baby Christopher was born still, and she thought her world would come to an end. Instead, she was able to work through her grief enough to do something positive. Christopher's mom is now the director of the National Stillbirth Society.

Our Rainbow Child   |   Aug 28, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother shares the brief life of her beautiful daughter, Freya. This precious baby was a special gift to parents who thought they would never have a child. Freya was a special blessing whose love will last eternally.

Our Little Angel Is In Heaven   |   Aug 26, 2002   |   Infant Loss
After only 2 hours and 18 minutes, this young mother gave her beautiful baby daughter to the best babysitter in the world. This mother shares how special she feels knowing that her angel is now an angel in heaven.

Gabriella's Smile Is My Gift   |   Aug 16, 2002   |   Infant Loss
Life was perfect with my twins, a boy and a girl. My world changed, though, the moment Gabriella's apnea monitor called me to a lifeless body. They say time heals, but I can tell you it does not. My eternal gift is Gabriella's smile. That can never be taken away.

I Miss Her More Each Day   |   Jul 17, 2002   |   Infant Loss
Read this honest account of a father's grief as he recalls the brief time spent with his precious Madelynn. Even though there was lots of support when Madelynn left this earth, this father says that it gets harder and harder with each passing day. He misses Madelynn!

He Was Supposed To Be Okay   |   Jun 14, 2002   |   Infant Loss
Even though problems were detected on the ultrasound, the doctor did not feel the situation was urgent. After hearing the heartbeat, I went home and packed for the hospital. My baby was to be delivered that afternoon. By the time I returned, there was no more heart beat.

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