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I Will Be Still No More
Sep 02, 2002

My son Christopher was born still September 26, 1978. I thought my world would surely come to an end, but it kept turning. As I found the strength, or was forced to get back out into the world I learned the awful truth about stillbirth (SADS). No one wants to acknowledge it happens.
Friends found reasons not to visit, family members would dodge the topic. I was even told that I wasn't a "real" mother. I learned to try not to make others feel uncomfortable around me. Had any other family member passed away I would have received support and been expected to go through stages of grief. Since Christopher was stillborn, everyone just wanted me to pretend that I had not lost my child to SADS.
I was horrified to learn that over 26,000 infants are lost to SADS (Sudden Antenatal Death Syndrom)every year. Worse yet, our government doesn't recognize these infants, nothing is being done to research or prevent their deaths. Suddenly, I didn't want to make people fell "comfortable" around me. I wanted to shout from the rooftops that we should ALL be UNCOMFORTABLE with allowing this tragedy to be ignored. There is finally an organization that is doing exactly that. They are helping parents point out the "elephant in our living room."
The National Stillbirth Society is organizing parents of stillborn/SADS children to demand our missing angels finally be recognized by our government and medical professionals. This is the first step to obtaining recognition for needed research. My precious Christopher isn't here to demand this for himself, so I must be his voice. Just as SIDS deaths have been reduced to 3,000 per year because parents demanded their children be given attention, I am hoping our fight to recognize our SADS children will save many future parents from grief.
I pray you will visit the National Stillbirth Society website and join with us to recognize the millions of missing angels, and save millions from being born still. www.Stillnomore.org. I also ask you add them as a link to your website. God blessed us with these children; why should we be silent about them? We shouldn't, and I for one will be still no more.

National Stillbirth Society Director and Christopher's mom.
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