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I Still Grieve   |   Oct 24, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This mother finally is able to talk about her two losses from several years ago. She had a very frightening experience that almost took her own life. She was terrified during her next pregnancy. Now, for the first time, she can talk about her losses.

Vicki and Dennis, My Friends   |   Oct 23, 2002   |   Adult Loss
This mother of five children has gone through tremendous pain as she talks about losing two of her children only 11 weeks apart. Vicki and Dennis were not only her children, but they were her friends. She cannot manage the grief, and feels lonely and lost.

It Seems So Real   |   Oct 23, 2002   |   Miscarriage
Five months have passed since this mother lost her precious baby. After going through labor and delivery, it seems real that she did lose a baby. Her heart still aches and she cries many, many tears. Her longing is to see two pink lines on a pregnancy test.

For Scott   |   Oct 23, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother has created a few short verses that she would like to share in honor of her first little soldier who sadly gained his Angel wings at 16 weeks gestation.

The Two-Faced Woman   |   Oct 23, 2002   |   Multiple Losses
This mother penned her feelings of grief in verse. She is now dealing with waves of grief that sweep over her as she faces the emptiness of the reality of knowing she has Angels.

Empty Feelings   |   Oct 23, 2002   |   Early Child Loss
A young mother shares the details of the events that led to the death of her precious 3 1/2 year old daughter. This mother has felt every emotion from anger, sadness, emptiness, to exhaustion. She is trying to remain hopeful as she knows her little girl is in heaven.

Going Through the Motions   |   Oct 22, 2002   |   Adult Loss
A son loses his father abruptly, and now life feels meaningless. Getting through each day is very much like going through the motions without feeling. This family needs help and feels so very alone in grief.

Always a Reason   |   Oct 22, 2002   |   Infant Loss
This mother shares the frightening experience of the final few days of her Abbie's life on this earth. The ride to the hospital, the surgery, and then the wait. The same day Abbie passed from this life, this mother found out she was pregnant. Life is full of questions.

Shattered Dreams   |   Oct 22, 2002   |   Miscarriage
This mother was so excited when she found out she was pregnant. These dreams were quickly shattered, though, when she found out that her little baby's heart wasn't beating. There was such a feeling of emptiness that it's impossible to describle.

My Baby Is Gone   |   Oct 21, 2002   |   Miscarriage
After 10 years of trying to get pregnant, it finally happened. This mother was so happy, only to have her joy quickly snatched away when she found out through an ultrasound that there was no heartbeat. Only questions and pain remain.

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