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Always a Reason
Oct 22, 2002

Abigail was almost 8 months old. It has only been 5 weeks that we have lost our Abbie-doo. I took her to the doctor on Thursday Sept 5th 2002 in the evening because she was vomitting and had a slight fever. The doctor told me it was the flu. Go home and push fluids. She cried all night and couldn't keep anything down. Going into the next day she would sleep for an hour then wakeup and cry. Finally, I took her into the emergency room. My husband met me there. She still had a slight fever and hadn't had any wet diapers for a good twenty-four hours. I asked the doctor about menegitis. He said he would do some test. So our Abbie-girl indured a spinal tap, blood work and a cathador. The emergency doctors still couldn't figure out what was wrong. They ended up admitting her because her blood work came back irregular. Overnight in the hospital she cried and cried. Her stomach started to become enlarged. The nurses thought because she hadn't been able to have a bowel movement or urinate her belly was becoming enlarged. The next morning our peditrician came in and told us he stayed up all night worrying about Abbie. He asked if she had thrown-up during the night, we both replied yes. He said he thought she might have a Bowel Blockage. He would have to call down to our Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City and have her transferred. Abbie and I went by ambulance and my Husband got there before us. We arrived at the emergency room and the emergency doctors said she would be going into surgery immediatley. The surgeon came in and told us Abbie was very sick and in a lot of pain. The surgeon went over the procedure with us. She advised us that Abbie's small intestine had moved up into her large intestine causing a blockage. They took her into to surgery, two hours later we received a call in the waiting room telling us that it wasn't a bowel blockage that it was an appendicitis that had died and curled up around her intestines. We were somewhat relieved, we thought this wasn't as serious as we thought it was. The surgeon came in and told us everything went great, but Abbie was very sick. The appendic had irrupted and spread a large amount of infection throughtout her body that she was moving her into the ICU unit. The nurses and staff were amazed at how well she was doing. They told us she would probably be moved into a regular room in the morning. Saturday night we got a hotel room near the hospital because we lived an hour away. The nurses said they would call us if anything changed. We received a phone call 7:30 am Sunday morning telling us that Abbie was having a hard time breathing that they would have to put her on a respirator to help her breath. We rushed over there. While we were waiting to go in to see her, her heart got very weak and she coded. She came out of it, but it was an up and down ride all day long. The docotrs would come out and tell us she was responding to medication well then an hour later she would crash again. Finally, at 1:05 am monday morning the doctors were doing CPR. It had been 40 minutes. We finally came to the decision to let her go. The doctor came out shaking her head. Abba-doo was gone. Monday morning Abbie passed and that same morning we found out we were expecting another child. My husband and I were not trying, in fact he was scheduled to go get a vasectomy a month prior to this and we decided two hours before he was suppose to go in that we weren't comfortable with our decision to give it a couple more months just in case we decided to have another. This is a very mixed blessing for us. I think being pregnant again has helped me heal a little bit. This baby will never replace Abbie girl but it will help fill that void. This has been such a nightmare that somedays I think I won't ever make it through, but I have to be strong for my three year old son Kaleb and this baby coming into this world. I believe that there is always a reason for everything that happens. This one just better be damn good!!
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