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My Only Son, John   |   Nov 15, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
A mother reminisces her only son John from his birth until his death at age 17. John was on his way home from work and was hit head-on by another car. John was a fine Christian young man. This mother is angry with God, and questions why this happened.

Joshua Eugene Hedglin   |   Nov 13, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
A mother travels down memory lane recalling warm and precious moments with her son. Joshua's life ended tragically, and it has been a painful, most anguished 2,095 days without Joshua. This mother is not ready to say goodbye.

I Want My Son   |   Nov 12, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
A mother shares the brokenness of her heart as she tells of the deep pain of losing her son to an automobile accident. She seems to be stuck in her grief, unable to move on. Tears wet her pillow every night. She nees someone to show her the way out of the dark.

My Son, Casey   |   Nov 02, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
This mother misses her son so very much that she finds it almost impossible to get through each day. Casey was involved in every area of life from cooking to mechanic work. Casey touched so many lives that it's difficult to imagine life here without Casey.

A Senseless Death   |   Oct 27, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
A mother recounts the story of how her 13-year-old daughter was killed senselessly by a speeding car. Instead of getting easier, the grief is more difficult on some days, especially during the holidays. It's so important to tell those you love how much you love them.

Seventeen Years   |   Oct 26, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
This mother has survived the battle of pain and grief, but five years later she still misses her Brandon. He was much too young to die. He was supposed to live and continue talking to his mom, and continue their friendship. Death at seventeen is so unfair!

Missing Megan   |   Oct 25, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
A mother's heart is broken as she talks of her precious daughter Megan who was lost in a car accident. There is so much to talk about, but all this mother can say for sure is that she misses Megan with all of her heart.

Loving From Afar   |   Oct 20, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
This mother's heart aches as she thinks of her precious 13-year-old daughter who died in a senseless jeep accident with her father. She misses everything about her bright, sports-oriented daughter. It is crushing to try loving this precious daughter from afar.

Life Changed In An Instant   |   Oct 18, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
A mother recounts the last seven hours of her son's life. An accident. The waiting. Then giving him permission to let go. Now, there are hugs, tears, and the feeling that everything was changed in just an instant.

In Her Memory   |   Oct 17, 2002   |   Teenage Loss
This mother shares the double loss of her daughter and the baby that her daughter was carrying. Within hours, a mother had lost two loves of her life. It has been four years now, and this mother has chosen to live life in memory of her daughter, speading joy to all.

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