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Jeff's Mom Forever
Dec 01, 2002

How does one begin to describe the pain of loosing a child. I'll first start from when my baby boy was born. Jeff was born on November 10,1983, he was our youngest son, our baby boy. We have two older sons who also adored this beautiful little boy. We had a very normal life in the country, a great place to raise three boys. Jeff was so good as a toddler, always laughing, running around, playing with his trucks doing all the things little boys do. Being the baby, he was spoiled of course, his two brothers taught him so many things, like hunting, fishing, riding his 4 wheeler, playing sports. As a teenager, he was beginning to really blossom, he had the best personality, Jeff loved life to the fullest. He had the best personality and a heart of gold, he would give you the shirt off his back, he loved people from all walks of life, and he loved God and his family. He joined the National Guard Youth Program and finished in December of 2000. He was really beginnging to get interested in girls too, he was adorable, he would talk on the phone all night if we let him. Then on December 3, 2001 every parents nitemare happened, Jeff and two friends were in a car accident, Jeff was a front seat passenger, all three were ejected from the car, Jeff still had a heartbeat at the accident, Jodi, she died on the scene. A friend of ours drove past the accident scene and saw the car and called my mom to see if Jeff was at home, she said NO, he just left, she was told of the accident. I had just got home from work when I was told they think Jeff was in the car and we needed to get to the hospital right away, Jeff was being airlifted. Everything after that was like being in the twilight zone, everything was like a haze, a bad dream. I don't remember much after the doctor told me my Jeff was gone, he died from a brain stem injury and cardiact arrest. I died that night too, never to be the same again. For days all I did was sleep, but I had to get up and start helping to plan a funeral.......we were lost, this is something you never think you will have to do. With the help from family and friend we got through the funeral. I feel so deprived, why was my son taken from me.......WHY??? He had his life ahead of him, it should have been me. It will be one year in a few days since I last saw my son, not one minute goes by that Jeff is not on my mind, the journey of grief has been so hard, I wake up missing him and go to bed missing him.......the tears have been endless. It feels like someone ripped my heart right out of me, with counseling, support groups, friends and family, life has become a little better, I take one day at a time, sometimes, one minute at a time. I pray every night to God to give me the strength to be able to go on, it's so hard when a part of you is missing. I spend all my spare time doing everything possible to keep Jeff's memory alive, I've dedicated my life to this as has his brothers, father and friends. We will always be gratefull for the 18 years God blessed us with Jeff, but we will never be the same family again.....We love and Miss you Jeff so very much, I know one day we'll be together again and thats what keeps me going.

Donna, Jeff's Mom Forever
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