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He Began My World
Oct 09, 2002

Jordan Paul Wodehouse was born on August l9th, 1982 a day that my world began. He was the sweetest baby in the world and the biggest weighing in at l3 lbs 2 oz. As the years past he just kept on growing into the most remarkable person I had the pleasure of knowing. He grew to be 6'6" and about 259 or maybe more but he was gentle giant with a heart as big as earth itself, he was my baby; and I was so proud to call him my son even when he was stubborn about what he cared about and he could be. He was genuine, shot from the hip, said whatever he felt at the time. But to anyone who knew him he was the biggest Teddy Bear with a huge heart and soul to go with him. I miss him every single minute of the day. The world stopped for me June 13th, 2002 two months shy of his 20th birthday, so much a man in so many ways. He was so smart and made any room come alive when he came into it. He had a natural charisma about him, always smiling, making people laugh, listening to their bad news or worries with wide open ears and trying to solve all the problems of the world. He was the heart and soul his band Compromise. He lived and breathed music and died very happy doing what he loved best. Jordan was a very popular young man his funeral was packed with 800 kids and about 450 adults. Oh he was so loved by all that new him but not more that his father and I. He was a Triple xxx kid; No Drugs, No Alcohol and No Tobacco and followed this to the utmost. There were five in the van and two l9 year olds are dead. There will not be a day goes by that my son will not be in my thoughts or prayers; he was my life. I lived for him with an unconditional love that only a mother would know. I know he is around me as I feel him often and it is a welcomed and warm feeling. I will always love you Judge, you were my soulmate we were a pair that fit so well together and when you left for a better place you took a large part of me with you. Love you forever sweetheart and never forgotten. Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite.

Love Mommy xxx

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