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He Is Always On My Mind
Sep 06, 2002

It was April 14, 2000 when my beautiful Austin was born. A healthy 7 pound baby boy that my husband, Nick, and I had dreamed about for 9 months. This was our first child together. We both have children from previous relationships. He has what is now an 8 year old daughter, Brittany, and I have a 7 year old son, Joshua.

For 25 days Austin brought so much joy to our lives. Trips to grandma's, the sweet little smiles, Easter 2000, and the list could go on and on.

On May 4 Nick and I took our Austin for his first doctors visit. He was just fine Doctor Thompson had told us. A healthy 2 week old baby boy.

On Tuesday, May 9, everthing changed. Nick had left early for work that morning. I had to get up and get the other children ready for school at 7am. We were staying with my mother until our new home was finished. My mom called me at 7 to get up. Austin was right beside me in my bed, where he had been since his 4am feeding. I reached over and touched him and realized something was wrong. He was not breathing. My mother came down the stairs and we called 911. They were there in about 5 minutes. After working with my Austin for about a half of an hour they told me the heart breaking news that my Austin was gone.

That has been over 2 years now and not a day goes by when he is not on my mind. We now have another child together which is the joy of our lives. She just turned a year old on August 8. She is so precious. Along with Joshua and Brittany and Austin always on our mind our family is now complete.


Sometimes we can't quite understand
Our great creators way
When he takes a life so young
And leaves one withered, old and grey
Whose life work seems finished,
Perhaps is waiting for the call.
While that life so young and tender
Held so much here for us all.
Then sometimes I get to thinking,
Perhaps this world down here below,
Is just a flower garden,
Where God's flowers live and grow,
And perhaps when God is lonely,
Like us he loves to roam
In his garden, gatherind flowers
Just to beautify his home
Tho' he takes the full-bloom flowers,
Drooped and withered that need his care.
Still he needs a bud or blossom
To scatter with them, here and there.
So he takes a few choice blossoms,
Just the rarest he can find,
And because God needs them in Heaven,
Must comfort loved ones left behind.
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