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Another Shattered Dream
Dec 29, 2001

My name is Angela, My husband is Paul.. we are soul mates... GOD gave us each other, we knew it from the begining... Lately you would think we hate each other.. We go through bouts of love and support then turn on each other like we are enemys....
We hurt, we grieve in our own ways, He trys to be strong, I try to be strong, but the truth is we have miscarried. We saw this child in our dreams, both of us saw her, black hair, and we were so sure everything would be ok this time.
We went through the Emergency Room.. they took me upstairs... talking to me as if our child was still alive... I had suffered a previous miscarriage, I knew our child was gone. As I was wheeled by a baby at the nurseing station, my husband Paul and I knew, at the same time, this was the child we had seen in our dreams, it seems strange.. but we were seeing someone elses blessing...
I was given an IV and Paul and I held hands.... they did a blood test... and then the doctor came in and told me... you have lost the baby.. well I guess I knew that... all around us we could hear the babies crying... new life.. but ours was gone... the doctor looked at both of us and said... Going to try again.. I felt like he had kicked me... and all my air went out.. and to this very day... Paul and I still feel like our air is gone... Im sorry for venting like this.. I hope my letter dosnt hurt anyones feelings or bring unpleasant memories...
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