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All Things Are Possible With Hope
May 13, 2002

My 1st loss (Joshua)was full term stillbirth. I had gone for my checkup and they could not find his heartbeat. They induced my labor and after 36hrs of labor Joshua was born. I can still remember my husband saying "we have a son". He and I both had wanted a boy so bad. Well after that our lives changed but never like we would have imagined. They could not find a reason for Joshua's death. I got pregnant 6 months later which seemed like a lifetime considering. My second pregnancy ended in a 12 week m/c. Talk about having no hope. I was a wreck. Then I went to one specialist who said oh they are unrelated just try again. Okay, so we did and I had another m/c at 12weeks. Then I put trying on hold I had to wait to see this specialist till January and it was currently Sept. so I could not get pregnant, because I knew I would lose another baby without medical intervention.

I then went to a reproductive endocrinologist who found that I had a rare type of autoimmune problem when I got pregnant, it only showed up when I was pregnant, which is even rarer. Well the good thing is the dr(she) was willing to try anything as was I to see if we could get a pregnancy to term.

After much medication, much prayer and much anxiety Emily Hope was born 2/5/98, praise the Lord. My husband and I came to have a personal relationship with Christ the week I got pregnant with Emily. Oh God is so good. Well then after Em I went on to have 2 more m/c so after a lot more medication, a lot more prayer and not so much anxiety we now have Samuel Caleb born 3/16/00. We are done having children. We feel very blessed to have the 7 children we have 5 in heaven and 2 here on earth. My prayer is that maybe I can help give others hope. Because without the hope that comes from our Lord and Savior nothing is possible. My e-mail address is pro3v5 standing for Proverbs 3:5. When you read it you will hopefully understand more of how I got through my pregnancies and found a way to believe. God bless you all!
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