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What Does Age Have To Do With It?
Aug 29, 2002

I am 42 years old and a mother of a little boy who is about to turn six in October. My husband is very keen to have children and we started trying in February 2002. We conceived without any problems in March and unfortunately had a miscarriage at 7 weeks 4 days. We were disappointed but philosophical and decided that we would try again after 2 or 3 cycles and again fell pregnant in July, this time we were both a little nervous about telling people and organised an early appointment at 6 weeks with the OB. The ultrasound showed a five week pregnancy not a 6 weeks and 3 days and I am due to go back for another ultrasound next Thursday. I started to bleed the day after seeing the OB and am now expriencing our 2nd consecutive miscarriage, the disappointment and sense of personal failure are the major problems that I have to overcome.
Again, I am trying to be positive and we are seeing a fertility specialist next week to discuss what we should look at. I am sure that it starts to become more of a numbers game at the ripe old age of 42 but I would like to stamp out a couple of concerns before embarking on another pregancy. Is it my eggs? Are they too old? Is already having a child before 40 advantageous? Will this increase our chances at a successful pregancy? How long should you wait before trying to conceive again? Is stress a factor in miscarriage?
Is there anyone else out there that is having a similar experience that may be able to shed some light on our problem.
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