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Aug 29, 2002

Hello, My name is Kristy and on 8-26-02 I had a miscarraige.I was 19 week's pregnant. A week prior to this miscarriage my Sister in law was killed in a car accident.I flew to Nebraska, But almost missed my flight. I ran threw the airport pushing my 17 month old son. I had some cramping.After the Funeral a few day's later I felt a small gush of water.I told my Mother in law who is also a RN. She thought that it was the baby pressing against my bladder.A few day's later my Husband,my Son and I returned home. I kept noticeing some wetness but continued to ignore the signs. I told a friend about what has been happening and she said Kristy that is your water bag leaking.I was doing some reasearch on the Internet and I had to go pee, well as i was doing this it didn't stop. I looked into the toilet and it was full of blood.My Husband is three hours away working and my Son and I were home alone.I called my friend layed on the couch with my leg's in the air. By the time she arrived the bleeding had stopped. I called my Doctor informed her of everything that had been happening and she said call on Monday and I will see you. She didn't seemed to worried and because I was no longer bleeding I didn't rush to the E.R. Twenty four hour's later my friend came over to check on me. Still no more bleeding. I had to use the restroom, As I proceded to go to the bathroom I felt pressure below like something was going to come out of me. I put my finger there to feel what it was and I felt what felt like a rubber balloon. I panicted went to the E.R. They checked me did an Ultrasound said that there wasn't much Amniotic Fluid and that the bag was trying to come out. What they did was put me in bed almost lying on my head in hopes that gravity would pull back the bag. Hour's later I started bleeding again and then it got worse and the pain started becoming very survere.I passed a few blood clots.There was still a heart beat and the next thing I knew I was being told to push. There was a huge puddle of blood on the bed and then I pushed and out came this bloody sac. The Doctor cut open the sack and there laid my little dead baby girl. Oh my God this is so hard. I've had other Chirldren and they weren't in a sac that the Doctor had to cut open. They heavly druged me and I passed out. Hours later after I awoke they asked me if I wanted to see her.I wanted to see her because she is my daughter but I also didn't believe that I just went threw everything that I did. Again hours later my husband and I layed on my bed and they brought her into us. My Husband had fallen asleep so he was not aware that they had brought her into us untill he woke from all of the screaming. This is one of the hardest thing's that a Mother will ever go threw.We named are Daughter Colby Lynn Cook. We are having her creamated and we will keep her in our home and in our heart's forever. Mother's to be, If you notice anything that your not 100% sure of go Immediately to the E.R .Even if your Doctor tell's you to call her on Monday. Thank you for taking the time to read my heart felt story. My heart feel's this and it hurt's deeply. Sincerly Kristy Cook
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