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Please Pray For My Baby
Jun 01, 2002

I just took a pregnancy test this morning. I am happy, but very nervous, that it was positive. I have 2 wonderful daughters, 6 and 4. Then my trouble begin. My 3rd pregnancy was tough to say the least. At 16 weeks gestation we found out our baby had bad problems and would probably not live. We went to specialists and were advised not to do an amnio because it could cause miscarriage. (This was only after we finally convinced them we were not willing to abort.) For 12 weeks, I carried our third daughter knowing she would die in utereo or shortly after birth. Week 28, I went for a heartbeat check (as I did weekly) and she was gone. We had to wait 4 excruciating days, then induce. It was so painful, I am shaking as I type this. But we had faith that it was a one time experience. (It looked like she had Trisomy, which shouldn't happen again.) We waited 7 months and tried again- got pregnant right away. This pregnancy was going great - I felt the baby at 14 weeks, had a sonogram at 16 weeks that looked good. Then at 26 weeks,on a Friday, I went for a regular checkup and there was no heartbeat. Once again the doctor sent me home to have my 5 year old's birthday party and come Monday for inducement. This did not seem real. We didn't make it till Monday. Sunday p.m. at 10:30 (my oldest daughter's birthday) our baby boy was born at home. After examination (it was too late for autopsy)the doctors could see no reason why he died. Well, now it has been 14 months since then and I am pregnant again. My husband and I have been praying for months for God to show us what to do. We want another baby so badly! I pray for peace, so I can be a good mother to my living children during this time. We have chosen not to tell anyone yet, so there is no one to share my anxieties with but this group. (No one else fully understands anyway). Anyone who reads this, please pray for the health of my baby and my peace of mind. Thank you and God Bless.

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