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Poems of a Grieving Mother
Jan 16, 2003

Here are some poems dealing with the pain of early pregnancy loss...... these were written directly after the loss #3 for me; I have had five such losses:

"Where is my Rainbow?"
An empty crib where a baby might have been.....
An empty womb where the dreams have all caved in.....

I am told not to cry,
For this baby whom I loved.
I am told to forget him,
As though his life never was.

There will be no little rainbow,
In the blue of this sky.
Now a tiny baby-voice is calling,
"Mommy, I must go. Good-bye."

There was a time when two children lived,
Who were mine on this earth.
One sweet boy remains----
Endless joy was mine upon his birth.

I believed in my rainbow,
And fairytales and golden sun...
Now my world is dark and shadowed,
And a rain of tears has begun.

I pray to God to let them see---
To show them how special this baby was to me.
I pray to God I will understand---
Why I can never hold my baby's hand....
And maybe when this rain of tears is done,
The world will brighten again with golden sun,
And my heart will stop aching with such painful loss,
As a future rainbow's beauty speaks of incredible cost.

By LMK Written for Caleb- 11/3/97

This next poem is written in thought of family and friends, and my need for comfort and understanding after having lost a baby...

"I Cry Alone"

Please join me in this place where
I cry alone---
Please find me and lend me your strength,
Because I need you!
I need you so much...
I yearn for you and your quiet understanding.

If I prayed for you, would you come?
Would you come to me and hold me
in your arms while I wept?
If I prayed would you be here?
Would you come to me, if I wished
for you with all my heart???

Because I've wished...
and you didn't come...
Because I've called out your name through my tears,
and you weren't there...
Because I prayed...and my prayers for your arrival
weren't answered...

I've needed you so---but you were so far away,
I called out to you with my sorrowed words,
yet they weren't enough...
I begged God to give me the comfort of you---
But yet still...I cry alone.

By LMK written 10/24/97

"With Broken Wing..."

A broken wing; a broken dream---
My heart can't understand!
The price of love becomes too much,
For tears are grains of sand.

A lost child, my lost hope...
All is lost in what couldn't be.
I pray for peace that's been taken---
A walk beside the sea.

A dark night, a dark life---
I reach out for the sun,
But morning cannot find me; I am left behind---
When all the tears are done.

These wings are broken, This heart is bleak---
The light of the world, I hope to seek...
My child is lost, but love lives on...
In the light of the world, I wish to belong.

By LMK Written in memory of Caleb (9/23/97)

These poems are all I have left of my baby son. Please share them with anyone who is in need of comfort, but remember they are my words and my memories of a my precious baby.... Thanks.
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