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Pregnancy and Miscarriage
Dec 26, 2002

12/17/02 It was strange that morning because I got & took a shower and was in the bedroom getting dressed and I said to my husband, honey I need to go to the Dr. because I haven't had my period. So I waited until we got to the office and I called the Dr. and the receptionist asked me was I having any problems because they weren't taking any patient's til after Jan 1st, so I explained to her why I called and she asked was there any possibility of me being pregnant? I said there is a possibility but I doubt it. Well she recommended me to take a home pregnancy test and I did. It came out positive! I was happy...I told my husband and he was happy also. I called the receptionist back and let her know and she was happy for us too! So I went on w/my regular day, only to go to the bathroom that evening to find a blood clot in the toilet after I urined....I paniced, I called my husband to the bathroom and we both agreed that it was probably a miscarriage. So I called the Dr. and explained the situation but he said for us not to get alarmed yet, that he would schedule me to have a blood pregnancy test done the next day so that he can see my count and then a day after that he will have me come to his office for another blood test and do an ultrasound. So that night I didn't sleep well, I woke up at 5:30am went to the bathroom and another blood clot fell out. I went and lay back down and at 11:30am I went to take the blood preg. test. I didn't have any more problems, no spotting or anything until later that evening at about 6pm, I passed another blood clot. We decided to go to the emergency room and that confirmed it, they did an ultrasound and there was nothing there, but the preg. test came out positive. They said that I already passed it thru and they were sorry etc. The Dr. told me this was her first case of a couple finding out they were pregnant and miscarrying in the same day.
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