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My Journey of Loss
Dec 02, 2002

I found out that I was pregnant on Halloween. It wasn't planned, and I really didn't want a baby at this time. I cried and cried and cried, but eventually got over it. I ordered maternity clothes (I wore sweats the first time I was pregnant)online. I couldn't wait for them to come!
The first weekend in November, my husband went on a trip to another state. We live in North Dakota and he went to Green Bay, Wisconsin for the Packers game. They left that Friday.
It was a normal day, I dropped my daughter off at daycare and went to work. I didn't feel that great, I was having cramps, but didn't think anything of it because I had cramps my first pregnancy and the doc said not to worry about it.
I met my parents for supper after I got off work and my stomach was hurting really bad. I went to the bathroom and I was spotting. I didn't say anything to my parents, but called my sister in law when I got home.
She told me it wasn't normal to bleed, so I called the ER and went up there. They ran blood tests on me and my mom came up. I was getting dizzy and had to pee a lot. My stomach hurt so bad and I was scared.
I was in the ER about three hours when the doctor came in and told us what she thought was going on. She thought that I had an eptopic pregnancy and was waiting for the ultra sound people. They couldn't get a hold of anybody to do the ultra sound, and there was no surgeon on call in case I had an eptopic pregancy. They made the decision to send me 90 miles away to a bigger hospital.
My dad drove me over and I slept pretty much the whole way. We got to the ER and they ran more tests on me. I was given morphine for the pain and a cathader for the ultrasound. The ultrasound lady found a mass in my right tube and a sac in my uterus. They called the OBGYN on call and she came in to examine me.
No one told me what was going on. The nurse came in and started to give me an IV. She asked if I knew what was happening, I told her no, but I didn't think it was good. Then the OBGYN came in and told me they were going to operate. She explained the procedure to me and the anethesologist came in to take me to surgury.
I went into surgury about 4 am. When it was over, the OBGYN talked to my dad. She told him that I didn't have a tubal pregnancy, the mass they ultrasound showed was a cluster of blood vessels. I did have a sac in my uterus that she left there, but she thought I was going to miscarry over the weekend. I had to stay in the hospital until Saturday night.
My sister in law finally got ahold of my husband about 1230 on Saturday and he called to see how I was doing.
When I was finally released, I stayed at my parents house until my husband got home. I passed some tissue Sunday night and when I had my doctors appt on Monday (Veterans Day), the doc ordered another ultrasound. I had nothing left in my uterus. I was told to stay home for a week.
My maternity clothes showed up on Tuesday. That was hard because I sent them back. I don't know when we'll have another baby, everything is fine to have another one. I just hope we don't ever have to go through this again.
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