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Is This Denial?
Nov 27, 2002

This is a long story and I apologize but I don't have anyone around who has experienced this. My husband and I have a beautiful 3 year old son. All it seemed we did was look at each other and I was pregnant. The second time it took a year and a half for no obvious reason. My doctor blamed mild endometriosis which I think is a cop out. So anyway I finally got pregnant without really trying. My last period was 9/20/02. We conceived on 9/29/02 or some days following as I don't know when I ovulated. On 10/13 I began spotting. I went in for an u/s on 10/18 and the fetus measured @ 6 weeks. My doc was not ready to say it was not a viable preg. She wanted me back in a week and there should be a heartbeat by then. On 10/21 I was bleeding heavily or more than I had been so I went in for another u/s. It looked the same so I was told it was not viable and go home and wait to miscarry. I did not want a D & C at the time because I got the impression it was going to happen SOON. So here I am on 10/27 and I stopped bleeding two days ago. I went in for what should have been my first preg. appointment to find out how long I should wait and was told it could take weeks. She examined me and seemed surprised I was no longer bleeding but she said that is normal for some. Now I am sure this is denial on my part but I am so frustrated by the lack of concern or compassion on all their parts. They never did any HGH tests and I don't know if anything would have been different on the second u/s just a few days after the first. Would there be a heartbeat at 6 weeks? Since I know when we conceived is it even possible I was only 6 weeks? How long do you wait to miscarry naturally? I thought maybe the bleeding was heavier the morning of 10/21 because I had been moving stuff (some of it heavy) the day before. Even after I left the office on 10/21 my bleeding was not so heavy I was changing a pad every hour maybe every 4-6. Am I just in denial or do I have a goofy doctor. I also did pass some tissue before the u/s on 10/21 but there was still a fetus there. Thank you so much for this website.
Sam's mom
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