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Nov 22, 2002

My husband and I have been married for 7 years. We have a daughter who is 3 yrs old and brings lots of joy and happiness into our lives. We decided to try and conceive again earlier this year. I became pregnant right away. On July 15th after having some spotting for 3 days, my husband and I were getting ready to head to the hospital for an ultrasound. We never made it, I started bleeding heavily and then the baby came out while I was heading to the bathroom. I had to take the baby and put it in a container to bring to the hospital with us. Immediately my husband called for an ambulance because I was totally freaked out and bleeding very heavily. I was 13 weeks and my baby looked fine. He/She had tiny fingers and toes and looked like it was sucking it's thumb to sooth itself, just like my little girl does. I can't tell you how devistating this was. I had a D & C and it was over. So, of course I wanted to try again. We did
in October and I became pregnant immediately again. We were so excited and I was really trying to stay optimistic. On November
4th at 5 1/2 weeks I started spotting again. I went to the Dr's that day and they told me to just hold on and try not to worry.
I demanded an ultrasound be done. I had it the next day and we discovered that there was no baby in my uteris. I have no idea when I lost this baby, being so early it was not formed into anything I would recognize. Although this was very painful for us, it was alot easier to deal with than the first time. The first time I can't get the baby out of my thoughts. Right now
I have to get through the 2 birthdates of these losses. One was January 27, which is coming soon and the other was July 3rd. I desparately want to try again, my doctors have not been very supportive when I have requested to have blood work done to determine If I need progesterone or if anything could be wrong with me or my Hubby. All they tell me to pasify the situation is that I am now 40 so my chances of miscarriage are 60%. I feel so
scared and lonely and I feel as though the Doctors are not listening to me. I have an appt. to see my OB December 16th. I hope he will recommend some tests that I have researched. Did anyone else find the Health Care system failing them and not listening to them. Please let me know your feelings.

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