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In Memory of Charles Tillman Watts, III
Nov 07, 2002

For the first time since I lost my son, I finally feel some peace. I dont think that would be possible without my wonderful husband and his strength in God. He has tried to forget about the whole thing since we lost the baby, and he's tried to get back to "normal". I had a very hard time doing that. But, my husband finally opened up to me and you would not believe how comforting it was for me. He is in the United States Navy, and he was sitting on the couch with me today after we got home from the hospital after I had my d & c (2 months and 3 days after losing my baby at 22 weeks) and he told me that he has been trying to run from it all, but it is finally catching up with him. He said he was on the flight deck the other night, and he prayed to God and asked if our baby had a soul, or if he was just flesh...was he here with us? Then he said he asked God for a sign of some kind. He came home and when he went to sleep, he said that he had a very strange dream. In his dream, he saw me and him in our house, doing everyday things...and he saw a light kind of playing peek-a-boo, jumping behind doors and peeking around, if that makes sense. Then he saw a book with blank pages and the pages were turning very fast and all of a sudden they stopped and one page said "He is always in the last place you look", and then the book slammed shut, and then he was an old man walking on the beach talking to the baby, and it was like the baby could hear him....dream ends. He said that it had been so hard on him, because the 1st place he would look to find the baby would be the urn, the next place heaven, but the very last place that he had been looking for him was here with us, and that's exactly where he has been the whole time. He felt like he had lost our son in everyway, but he has come to realize that our son is here with us, in many ways. He is in our hearts, our prayers, and he holds us when we're sad. He comforts us and he helps God take care of us. He is our gaurdian angel.

I love you my son. I miss you and I know you are with me. Please take care of me and Daddy and be patient while you wait for us in Heaven.

"The endless days in Heaven our cherub will wait, never to be forgotten."
In memory of our baby boy, Charles Tillman Watts III

Shana Watts
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