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Nov 02, 2002

Where do i begin well i am 33 and i have 2 wonderful girls. I have had 4 miscarriages and noone seems to really know why. i have had ALOT of test and Doc visits.There isnt words to describe the feelings you have of being pregnant so many women take this for granted. This is my story
I am married to a wonderful man that i want a child with so,we miscarried for the first time in June of 2000 and again in Jan 2001 and again in Nov 2001. All of my miscarriages have started the same i find out i am pregnant just enough time to get excited and i would begin to spot. my last miscarriage was the worst(not that the other 3 didnt hurt)I was 13 weeks and bleed the whole time noone could figure out why I kept bleeding, all the ultrasounds were perfect and HCG levels were great but still Ikept bleeding even being on bed rest. The biggest fear was standing up and most of all going to the bathroom I never knew what to expect and what I would see. The night I lost our baby I had been on bedrest and everyone was saying oh Julie it will be ok, if it is meant to be it will happen(is that suppose to make me feel better?)I began to have pain in my back and right side and bleeding, went to the emergency room and they done an ultrasound again. the baby was moving down toward the cervix but the heartbeat was strong, I was praying that my little angel would hold on. All i could do at that time was pray for God to give our baby a chance. well 5 hours later our baby was gone. I am so afraid to try again but I know that God is going to Bless us this time and all will go well. I am going to take progestrone and start trying again in January 2003. To all of you that go through a loss prayer and hope is the answer be strong and God Bless all of you. Best of Luck for you and me.
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