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The Worst Pain
Oct 16, 2002

I beacme pregant in Feburary 2002. For the first 4 months I had the normal morning sickness. Every doctors visit was always fine. I was gaining the right amount of weight, Gabrielle was growing at the right pace, and her heat beat was always fine. She would kick at the same time everyday, 5 a.m, 11 a.m, 4 p.m, 7 pm and 11 p.m. She was like clockwork. The doctor said that she was already showing her personality. I went to my 6th month appointment and everthing was fine. My stomach was 24 inches like it was susposed to be and her heart beat was fine. Three days after my appointment, I didn't feel her kicking like she had been doing, I felt a different kind of movement, it was her body parts right at my skins surface. I told my sister about it (she is a nurse and works for OBGYN) and she told me not to worry because as the baby grows and gets bigger movement will change because of limited space, so I tried not to worry. My husband and I moved to Columbus a week later. I made my 7th month appointment with my new doctor. When I stepped on the scale and I weighed the same as I did at a month ago I new somthing was wrong. Then my doctor could not find Gabby's heartbeat, so she sent me for an ultrasound which confirmed my worst fear, she had died 3 days after my 6 month appointment. I had to give birth to my daughter knowing that I could not bring her home. On August 30, 2002 I was induced. I went through 5 hours of a painful labor and deliverly, then 2 hours later a D&C. I went through the same thing any woman would during a pregancy and labor and deliverly, the only difference is I heard no crying and I didn't get to bring by daughter home. I am 21 years old and that was my first pregancy. I was healthy and walked 4 days a week during my pregancy. During my pregancy there where no complicatons, Gabby and I where both fine. I have five sisters who all have children and none of them ever had a miscarriage. After 3 months of pregancy you are pretty much in the beyond the point of miscarring, so I was never worried about that happening to me, expecially as far along as I was. The doctors nor my husband and I will never know what happend to Gabby. I am terrified of being pregnant again because no matter how far along I am or how good things are going during my pregancy this will be in the back of my mind and I will never feel safe. My heart goes out to anyone who has ever lost there child. It is the worst pain that anyone can endure.
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