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God Is Faithful--Even In Child Loss!
Mar 07, 2002

We had gone on a family vacation to Maine to visit my dear friend from college. The day after we returned I had an ob-gyn appointment. I was 15 weeks. Everything went well- heard baby's heartbeat and after telling her that I'd spotted once or twice on the trip she did a quick u/s to check the placement of the placenta, which looked fine...everything looked great. That was a Tuesday. Wednesday, I started to bleed and freaked out. After being told to just relax and not do anything I made some phone calls to my best friend (telling her to "get over here, I gotta go to the ER!!!") and my folks. Hubby got home about an hour after all of this started and after he got home I bled again, so we wasted no time and went to the ER after dropping off our son (now two) at a friends. They listened to baby's heart and said that it sounded good and strong. They didn't use a doppler, just the stethoscope and the nurse asked if I wanted to hear it and I of course did. Even I, w/ my untrained ear, could tell that it was slow...way too slow. They didn't offer to do an u/s and I was so relieved to have a heartbeat that I wasn't thinking to ask for one. Oh the things you learn. The next day I called my doc and she put me on bedrest for another day then I went in for an u/s...at which time we found out that the baby's heart had stopped. I will never forget this baby and will love it as much here as I do my living son. My best friend is helping me to make a quilt w/ poems, a letter I wrote to baby near the time s/he was to be born (Nov. 2000) and u/s pictures and a family picture from our trip (since baby was in those too). The Lord's really been teaching me alot through all of this and my hubby and I have grown closer which was very much needed. We continue to try to conceive now. Our 2nd child is in heaven, we are trying to conceive our 3rd. Through it all, the Lord has been my Strength and my Fortress; my Rock! I keep a cutout on my fridge of an angel carrying a sleeping baby heavenward w/ the verse: 2 Corinthians 1:4
"...that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received."
What a Mighty and Faithful God we serve!!!!
God Bless you all!
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