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A Grandma's Prayer
Sep 06, 2002

I'm the Grandma

August 9, 2002 a big crosswind blew into our lives...totally unexpected.

I left work at noon, sick...we had planned on going to the RV, but didn't. Thank God!!After sleeping most of the afternoon, we went to the store to get things for our road trip to Northern California the next week. When we returned, Katie's car (Age 22, she was suppose to be at a birthday party) was in the middle of the garage, so I ran in to have her move it...Katie screamed "MOM", I ran to the bathroom and saw my girl covered in blood...with a look of horror on her face. I checked her head to see if she'd hit it or something...and she looked at me and said, "Mom, I just had a baby"...

I ran out to Ron to call 911 and ran back to Katie where I scooped up a 19 week old fetus from the toilet, cradling it in my hands and crying with Katie...He was alive.

Katie told me she had no clue she was even pregnant, as ever since she started menstruating, it would be 6 mos at a time between cycles, she had come to the conclusion that she would never be able to conceive. So being pregnant was the furthest thing from her mind as she was in labor most of the day, she suffered in silence thinking it was other things...

Para-medics came, took over and worked on the baby and Katie. They rushed her to Desert Sam Hospital.

The baby lived about 10 minutes. The Dr said he (it was a boy) took 2 deep breaths and had a pulse before the ride in the ambulance, he died on the way there.

Mikel (ex abusive boyfriend) came to the hospital (I wanted to scream at him!)...Katie had the social worker call him...they spent some time alone with the baby and then I was called in. Ronnie and Cami (older daughter) and Danny (son in law) came...we got to spend some time with Katie and the baby.

Later, Cami, Katie and I spent some time in prayer. It was a bittersweet moment as we prayed and cried.

Katie did not have to have a D&C, and spent one last time with the baby we ended up calling Baby Barnella, who would be examined by pathology then cremated and the ashes scattered over the Superstition Mts (I live in Mesa AZ).

Please pray for my family as we help Katie through this. This brought Mikel back into her life for a moment, and I pray that she is strong enough to make it clear to him that they are finished...it had been two months since she saw him, and was getting on in life...so was he...

God is good...loving and teaching us in the midst of a storm.

Thank you for your prayers at this time...mourning the loss of our first grandchild, Hunter Shine who is now with Jesus.

In Jesus, Cathy
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