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I Feel So Empty Inside
Sep 02, 2002

Hello All, After reading some of the stories posted I decided I do need to talk to someone. We recently lost our first baby in miscarriage. I would of been 11 weeks the day we found out.

We were getting our first ultrasound and had no clue that anything was wrong. Then the Dr said oh maybe you are earlier than er thought I was like what is that there was a Sac w ith little pieces in it but not a baby. I started crying instantly and he told me to calm down, he then did a vaginal u/s , the same thing .

Then he wanted me to go to the hospital to have a more extensive u/s so we did and the same thing I had a Miisesd Miscarriage ( Blighted Ovum) after reading some of the stories, I guess this is not so uncommon.

Now it has been 4 weeks , I had a D&C the next day and I have not been the same since, I feel so empty inside. I go to work , but have no concentration what so ever, I have a hard time being around people. I just want a baby so bad.
The thing is were not even planning a baby yet, I was on the pill and had missed a couple of days and that was how we conceived, after reading some things regarding the blighted ovum it says that possibly something was wrong with either the egg or the sperm and it could of ended up in a baby with complications, so I try and tell myself that was God looking out in our best intrest.

Howevewr it gets harder and harder every day, We both said we want to try again after the first of the year, we are trying to loose some weight and get healthier.

I do have a question to all the ladies that have had a D&C It has been 4 weeks since the procedure, I still have not had a cycle yet is this normal?

Thanks For your ears!@!@!
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