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My Daughter Is With Me Always
Jun 12, 2002

My name is darleen my daughter cheyenne was s/b 5/23/02 at 37 weeks due to placental problems she was my first child. i miss her everyday. i was able to hold her and take pictures of her, in which once i developed them and saw them i still feel she is with me...i take my pictures everywhere i go..in my purse..i feel this is helping me get thru as well as my hubby, who we sit at night and look over them..i even had them made bigger to put into picture frames by our bed...i also made a a shadow box that has her hat and her outfit that she had on..in the box i also made wallet size pitures of us holding her and kissing her..so i can put in it..once i have completed it. that we will be able to look at it, her room is still as is...we did not put away the things that she was suppose to have...we know that she will send us her little sister or little brother to stay in her room. I do have days where i cry, but that is normal, i feel that talking about her to people who ask for example i tell them how she resembled my husband, and beautiful she is...i try not to talk about her in past tense...because to me she is still here, maybe not physically but soulfully and spiritually she is ..i feel this is helping me cope with losing her...people say that i am being soo strong that they would've just end it there...well to me it's not fair to her if i should stop living, and not live for her. I know we will be together some day...and i feel her with me everyday. i hope my experience can help others who are experiencing the same tragedy my family has.

proud mother of one of god's beautiful angels
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