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Tragedy Brought Many Together
Jun 01, 2002

On March 26, 2002, I was 7 almost 8 months pregnant. I am a school teacher as well as my husband and we were out of school for spring break. I had just had my first baby shower on March 23,2002. This day of March 26th was a very cool morning and my husband, mother-in-law, and myself went out to town. I was feeling great that morning and felt the baby moving as usual. About 9am as we were in the store, I felt very weak and began having what i thought were hot flashes. I felt as if i had to vomit and asked my husband to get me home immediately. I thought i was just having some morning sickness and we went home. My husband called for a neighbor who was a retired nurse. She immediately came over and said to get me to the hospital. At this point I was cramping so bad and could hardly move.It felt as if the baby was all on my left side.The ride to the hospital seemed to be forever.Once at the hospital, i do not remember much of anything. I was rushed in for an emergency c-section. Hours later I was awakened by the doctor who told me that I had given birth to a little boy and that he did not survive. Well, I could not really respond because I was in ICU. There had been complications during the delivery and I was bleeding internally. I was in ICU for 9 days and had to have several surgeries. My family had been told that i did not have much of a chance to live. Needless to say this was devastating. This was our first child together after being married for 3 years. I already had a stepson and stepdaughter whom i adore. Everyone was so excited about the arrival of our little Khristian Emmanuel Brothers whose due date was May 5th. Khristian was buried the day before Easter and i came through on Easter morning. When taken off the respirator, i could talk. I knew the baby was not alive. I did not have time to grieve in the hospital, because i had so many visitors that kept me occupied. I stayed in the hospital for a total of 15 days. I can only go by the stories that my family and friends and doctors have told me but i do know that i am a miracle and that Khristian was an angel. This tragedy brought so many people together that we just consider this a message and a blessing from GOD. It has been 2 months and now everything seems so hard to bare. I think of how much i want to hold him in my arms and see his cute little face. Pictures were taken of the baby, but I can not look at them at this time. It helps a great deal to talk about it and my husband is so remarkably comforting. The doctor told me that the placenta ruptured and they were not able to save him in time. This really shocked my doctor that this happened to me because I had a very great pregnancy. i have now found that i am not in this alone, but it is so hard to come to terms with. Just when I feel that i can move on, I fall back 10 more steps. I was told that i could have another baby, but i am so afraid of the same thing happening again.The most rewarding of this tragedy is that i know Khristian is with GOD.
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