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Our Angel, Madison Rose
Nov 25, 2002

My husband and I lost our Angel Madison Rose Le Blanc on November 5th 2002. She was born on Aug 21st 2002. She was discovered to have a lot of fuild around her heart at 24 weeks. They told us that if she coulnd't at least make it till 30 weeks they wouldn't deliver her. So I was hospitalized at 27 weeks sent home at 28 and had her at 29 weeks. She was born in our local hospital on the 21st they drained her heart several times to keep the fluid from building up. Then on the 26 of the Aug they told us they couldn't handle her she would have to go to Denver Colorado to the Children's hospital. We got there by Ambulance and they decided she had to have a cath put in to drain the fluid off. They left it in for 3 days, they thought they had it and we were about to go home when the fluid came rushing back. Then they told us that she had to have surgery to take off the front part of her heart sac out. So they did and they found a little mass of tissue on the back side of the heart. They removed it and thought no more. However, two weeks later her platlets started dropping, they did an Eco and found that there were tumors all over the back side of her heart. They told us if we didn't do surgery she would die. Her only chance was to do surgery and to hope that they could get some of her tumor. However, they thought she would die on the operating table. She didn't they were able to get some of the tumor. So they started her on the highest dose of steriods that any baby her size has been on. We thought it was working. She was eating full feeds and doing wonderful. During this time she had suffered a brain hemmoridge so they wanted to talk about surgery. So they told us that they would have to do surgery on that and then we could go home with her. They said around the 11th of november. I was so excited. On Halloween, my daughter threw up for the first time. It all went down hill from there. On Monday night the 4of November the figured out it wasn't an infection it was the tumors. Her platlets went from 131,000 a week before to 30,000. Tuesday morning they were 1,300. She was dying. They told us that we could prolong her life and she would be miserable or that we could spend the next few days loving her until she went to Heaven. Well we couldn't prolong it, that would have been selfish on our part. (Sometimes I wish we did, then I would still have her) So they told us she had a few days. She died 6 hours later! She fought the whole time, she passed away 5 times and kept coming back to us. I finally had to tell her to go and that I love her but to return to her home and to be healthy again. I love that baby and I miss her so much. How do I ever move on from this? Does anyone really get over such a painful event. I don't know how to move on.

I love you Madi we will always miss you and love you. I am a proud mom Madi, you made us all very proud of you. Your always going to be the champ in my mind.

Holly Madison Rose's mom
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