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The Shortest Two Hours
Nov 14, 2002

My story is about Angel who I lost at about 24 weeks(I say this because the doc said that it was sooner than that). I think she was gone for a few days before I found out(maybe up to a week).My day started out like most got up , took hubby to work got the kids (this was number 4)ready for school and wait to go to my doctors apt.I when in with my 2 year old so she could hear the heartbeat.My doctor asked if baby was moving alot,I told her no but that I had read that sometimes baby sift and we can feel them.So I wasn't worried at all,at that point she(the doc)stopped chatting and said with a strange look to get up on the table.At this point I started to worry something was wrong.She checked my uterus and said it had not grown very much from my last check up.She said she was going to check the heartbeat she got her thing out(sorry cann't think of what it's called right now).Only the batters died,so she got another one,guess what that one was cutting in and out,3rd one worked.NO HEARTBEAT,she kept on looking I finly said"You can find a beat can you?" "no "she said.So said to go to L&D that they would do a ultarsound there.Now to top it off I was now late picking up my hubby and my oldest was having her B-day party that night(it still went off as planned).So I left want to get him and he wasn't there so I drove home thinking he had gone there (NO WAY TO EASY).Get home to find kids already at my house(party had started) and no hubby.Called his work to find him,drive back to his work(now lossing it)when he got in the van all I could she was (they can'tfind a heart beat).So found someone to watch the kids and off we go(they could find any movement in L&D)They tell my they don't have time to do me that day(this is fri) to call the nexted day.So I call only to be told to call back they don't have time for me.So that night(sat) I get in they do afew things and send me home and told to come back the next day(sun).I go in they do some more things and sent home(told me come back at 6).I went home and went in at 6 told to come back at 7.At that point I told them I was having pains by 9:30 I was ready to push and had her at 10:13(she came out like she had been shot out of a cannon and the doc dropped her,no she didn't hit the floor but almost).At this point I thought my hubby was going to punch someone and then he amost fainted.To top it all off I didn't get to see Angel until 1:00,as I'm a bleeder and they had to take me to surgery.I was all alone at that point and nobody would tell me anything(even if hubby was ok).We spent 2 hour holding her and loving her it was the shortest 2 hours of my life and I will never forget it.Thank-you for letting me share with you I hope it will help someone it has me.
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