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We Held an Angel
Nov 13, 2002

My name is Lia and I lost my daughter on November 4, 2002 at 8:20 p.m.
I was 39 weeks along and my due date was November 11, 2002. My pregnancy was very easy with no complications. On Sunday November 3rd I was having strong contractions all day and well into the night. So on Monday morning I went back to the hospital. This time I was 4 almost 5 cm dilated so they admitted me.I was hooked up to the monitor and everyhting was fine. I did not fully dialate until 6pm. I started to push at 7pm. Everything was alright. I had to get an episiotmy. It was c=very hard to push her out. At 8:10 pm they pulled her out and I did not hear her cry. They worked on her for 10 minutes and said that there was nothing that they could do. Thay tried to say that she was stillborn, but she had a heartbeat and was moving around while I was in labor. We had an autopsy done and the preliminary x-rays showed that she had a fracture on her skull and her shoulder was dislocated. My baby was 10 lbs 6 ozs and 22 inches long. We are awaitng the results for the tissue samples which should be in around another two weeks. My doctor knew that I was going to have a large baby, because at 34 weeks the baby already weighed 7lbs. How did my baby's skull get fractured? How couold everything be going so perfect and then turn into tragedy? This was my husband and I first child. My husband is taking it hard, but at the same time he is trying to be strong for me. We buried Jiah Christina Williams yesterday November 12th. She was so beautiful and I have some many question, and I hope that one day they will; all be answered. We want to have children, but I am afraid of getting pregnant again. She was not a planned pregnancy, but we were excited all the same. I guess in time when God feels like it is time we will be blessed with another Angel. "SOME PEOPLE ONLY DREAM OF ANGELS, WE HELD ONE IN OUR ARMS"
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