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Jesse Willard Reynolds, My Son
Nov 04, 2002

I wrote this the day after my stillborn son was born. I was sitting on my couch, all alone, and I just wrote exactly what I was feeling. Here goes.....
Jesse Willard Reynolds
You will always be my first born son. I will always love you. Although you are no longer here with us physically, you will always be with us in spririt. People say you are better off, your in a world where there is no pain, no sorrow, but I can't help but want you here in my arms. I long to here you cry, to run my fingers through your beautiful black hair. To snuggle your fresh newborn body next to me. I can't help but wonder what you would look like as you grew. You look so much like your daddy, especially your big hands. I sometimes look at Daddy and he reminds me so much of you that I can't help but cry. I only know you for a short time, although it seemed ages. Those nine months seemed like nine years. But now I wish you was back inside my belly. Safe and protected. Close to my heart. In my mind that's where you will always stay. I miss you so much, little Jesse. I say a prayer of thanks every night that I got to at least know you for nine months. I've got to close for now, but I'll be thinking of you always. I love you, son.
Love, Mommy
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