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A Letter to Our Daughter
Sep 18, 2002

A letter to our daughter-
Our dearest Emma,
How we miss you so! We have so many different thoughts, emotions and feelings, to list them all would be endless. We just have to take things a day at a time...A day at a time. We'll start with Monday morning....Mommy woke up that morning like every other morning 8 months before. She had a bowl of cereal. Shortly after, she realized something was terribly wrong. Daddy was at work when Mommy called. Fearing the worst, but hoping the best...the trip to the hospital. Counting the minutes...thinking this could be it. How heartbroken we were when the nurse couldn't find your precious little heartbeat. The ultrasound confirmed that you had died in Mommy's tummy only a week earlier. Mommy and Daddy wept for you, hoping and praying you didn't suffer in any way. You were so special to us, even before your birth. Though you gave Mommy a rough pregnancy, you came out right away, giving Mommy an easy labor and delivery. You were perfect in every way...10 fingers and 10 toes, Mommy's mouth and Daddy's nose and hair. And oh how you looked like your big sister. You were born on September 10, 2002, one month before your due date at 12:27am. We held you for hours, but seemed like only minutes. Your lifeless little body deteriorating before our very eyes. The silent room with no cry, whimper, or breath of your own made our hearts break into thousands of pieces. And to give you up as they wheeled me to a different room. Mommy and Daddy have never ached so much before. As Mommy was wheeled down the labor and delivery hall, she saw pregnant mothers awaiting the arival of their healthy baby...And then to the Recovery Hall, we tried to peek into each room in hopes that we could perhaps feel a little joy that those new Mommy and Daddy's were feeling...but we felt nothing. We were numb. As Mommy held the little lamb the hospital had given you so close to her heart, tears started to fall. We heard newborn babies crying, wishing we could have heard your cry, but we didn't. The short time that we spent with you will be forever engraved in our memories. We will love you always our precious Angel in Heaven...Emma, you will never be forgotten. Love, Mommy and Daddy
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