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This Baby Is Dedicated To God
Sep 06, 2002

hello, my name is cynthia reider, i have been married for only 3 months me and my husband are christians. in the beging if july of this year i found out i was pregnant. my husband was in tears joyfull tears he did'nt realize that if he could have any children i in the other hand was excited and a little bit nervouse because i have never been pregnant before, but i knew that this was god's plan each day i started to get excited about having this baby and i told everyone i knew even and my job everyone seemed happy for me. i noticed in my 3rd week of pregancy that i was bleeding lighthly i did'nt have a obgyn-doctor at that time so i ask my sister-law she said that was normal but i didn't feel that was right even though i have never been pregnant before so as days passed i remember my husband being at work i had taken off from my job because i did'nt feel so well i recall that i needed to rest i felt extremely tired and so i took a long nap. the phone rang and i went to pick it up after the conversation i went back to bed when i woke up i walked barefooted to the bathroom on my way there i stepped on something wet and lumby i thouht maybe i dropped a piece of food on the floor as i reached down to pick it up i saw that it was dark red and it was very huge i knew that it looked a large blood clot i then ran to the bathroom and had another in the toilet i then really got scared and i did'nt know who to call my mother lived a hour away and my husband was at work so i called my next door neighbor she said i needed to go to the emergency room i started to cry and then i decided i needed to call my husband this is a emergency he came home immediately. we then went right to the emergency room i forgot to mention that blood clot i picked it up and put in a little plastic sandwich bag so the doctor could see it. when they saw the blood clot i knew that i have had a major problem to make a long story short i had a ectopic pregancy i was only 4-5 weeks pregnant i remember early in my pregancy telling jesus that i would dedicate this baby to him and i would train the child in the way it should go. i have finally eceppted through god's grace to realize that my precious little one is with the lord i never had a chance to know if it was a boy or a girl i did as my obgyn-doctor and he said it was to early to tell it was just a tissue to me it was my precious baby whom i shall never forget thank you for allowing me to share my story god is faithful and just and we always give his children peace when we turn to him in prayer and in trust.
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