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I Saw Him With Jesus
Sep 05, 2002

My husband and I met a year ago and knew it was right and so jan. 2002 we were married. At the end of April we decided we were ready to start our family. On the day of my grandma's funeral we found out that our dreams were coming true and we were going to have a baby. Everyone was so excited for us and couldn't wait to hold our little baby. I told the drs and others that something didn't seem right but they all told me it was normal for a first pregnancy and I believed them. We went to our dr for our 16 week appt. and she said everything looked good and next month we would have our first ultrasound. We heard our baby's heartbeat and it sounded strong and loud. Everything seemed to be ok till about 6:30 that night when I thought that I had a lot of gas so we went on with the night until about 20 mins later I got very sick and the pain was great. My husband took me to the ER where the dr thought that maybe I was losing the baby but after the ultrasound where we saw our baby moving and looking happy they told us that I was having an ectopic pregnancy. The drs were shocked that I went that long (16wks3days). It was so hard to believe and to tell the drs to go ahead with the surgery. I didn't want to end my babies life so I prayed that God would give me peace and a sign that the surgery was the only thing to do. After I prayed I started to bleed and I knew that God was in control. We went through with the surgery and later found out that our baby is a little boy - Noah Patrick. We miss him and love him and will soon see him in Heaven and get to hold him.

We had a service and during the song "Glory Baby" by watermark I believe that God gave me a glimce of Noah in Heaven. I saw him with Jesus and then he ran into my arms, hugged me and then ran back to Jesus.

Thank you for this websight.
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