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I Miss You, Tyler!
Nov 28, 2002

my mane is Amy, on dec/28/00 was when my little ^Tyler^ was born.. he was a heathly 8pd 4 oz baby boy, we never thought that he would ever need his angel wings for a very long time.
he got sick in March of 2001 they had him diagnosed with "Rota Virus" and dehydration, so we were in and out of the hospital for about 2 months, before we found out why he wasn't able to get rid of little virus.. he had thrush in his mouth that would not go away, even with treatment. May 2, 2001 I remember it like it was yesterday, the doc came in and told us ^Tyler^ has something rare called SCIDS (severe combined immunodeficey syndrome) meaning he had no immune system or no t or B cells in his body. this disease is also known as "the bubble boy disease" MAY 07, 2002 we were flown to north carolina by private jet, so ^Tyler^ was not exposed to any germs... he has a bone marrpw transpant from me on may 17,001, the doctors expected we would stay in northa carlolina about 120 days waiting for engraftment.. ^Ty^ was kept in isolation for 8 months, untill he passed away in my arms on DEC 16,2001 Tyler had many problems through out his 8 month stay in the hospital, many surgeries, many meds... and lord only knows how many fevers. I can't even begin to go into detail about all the little things that comes along with this disease. Tyler at 11 months old, never sat up, stood on his leggs, rolled over ect.... he only weighed about 14 pounds, not having any streanth to much else but to lay around. he had numerous iv's and piclines, and a broviac central line for TPN.
DEC 12,2001, was when ^TYler^ coded he went into full arrest and was put on life support, and taken to the PICU. then he was put on the breathing machines, and the cardiac meds, blood pressure meds, and on DEC 16, the doc came in to tell us that Tyler was no longer responding to any amount of meds, his liver had shut down and his kidneys had shut down, and there was nothing more they could do for him. so my husband and I decided it time to let our angel go.... he was so swollen, it was unreal, he didn't even look like our son. But I still loved him, and cuddled him as they took off life support, and pronounced him dead in my arms at 4:15am on dec 16. his first angel date is coming up real soon, and I am not sure how I am going to deal with it... I haven't even a clue.... I MISS AND LOVE YOU ^TYLER^ WITH ALL MY HEART.

please visit his website at
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