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Dedicated to Millions
Nov 11, 2002

On May 30th 2001,I lost my little 9 year old boy to severe head
trauma,caused by a bicycle/car accident.Only two days after school
let out for the summer.Yes,I,m a working mom.The day this accident
happened I was at work.My husband was home with the kids.BJ was a
outgoing child,all boy.Where we lived at the time of the accident,
there where some other children older than my son.These boys had
been seen by neighbors,chasing him.My son responded by going across the street to get an older friend to come over to help him.
That child was not at home at the time.When BJ was coming back
across the road thats when our lives changed forever.We don,t
really know what happened at the time.All we know,is that when he
was coming back across,he never stopped,ran out in to the road
and a car hit him.Later we found out that it wasn,t the girls
fault.It was my sons.This child has never given us any reason not
to trust him.He was an A student in school.We didn,t know until sometime later that the boys were chasing him.Instead of confronting the families of these children,we decided to let it go
because we really didn,t know for sure that these boys had been
chasing.I wouldn,t dought that it didn,t happened,for the fact that one of the boys had threw a rock at my sons head once.How
am I suppose to feel?The neighbors never said anything to the
authorities or to the parents of the children that was seen
chasing.I,m very angry that we know nothing.Only that our only
son is gone.Five days we stayed up at the hospital,praying that
our child would make it.He was fine through the surgery,later his
heart felled.I go to his grave,and I get even madder.Looking down
on his headstone and see the date.I know I shouldn,t get upset,
at least I have a place to go.Theres alot of parents out there
that don,t have a place to go, only in their memory.I need to rest now.I'll write again later.I dedicate this not only for the
millions of parents out there that has lost their child,but to my
sister-in-law that lost her only boy.
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