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My Beautiful Madilyn Jean
Feb 23, 2002

I just lost my daughter Madilyn Jean Fisher,on February 1st 2002.
She was 3 1/2 years old,Madilyn died due to low blood counts a complication of her disease Histiocytosis,it is a blood disorder of the white cells.
It is rare and very hard to treat,my litlle girl was diagnosed at 18 months old.she went through many types of chemotherapy,and steroids galore,she fought very hard to live and beat the Drs expectations by almost 2 years.
During the last few months she had blood trasfusions almost weekly and on the 1st,we thought it was another normal day at the Er,they would give her blood and we would go home,after 7 hours they still had us there and had just started her blood,she could not get comfortable and I was holding her on the bed,my Husband had left for home,he works nights,she started to wiggle so I asked if she wanted me to lay her down and she said "Yes".
I walked around to the other side of the bed and the nurse crossed to the other side I had just came from,Maddie asked me to help her sit up,she never said I she always said "Me".
She had a oxygen mask on and as I helped her sit up I turned my head for a minute and then looked back at her,she had coughed up blood into her mask,I remember asking the nurse "why is she coughing up blood?" and the nurse said "I don't know"
It just kept coming up and the nurse told me to have the desk page the Dr.
When I ran back into the room Maddie just looked at me like she was so confused and I held eye contact with her and talked to her the whole time,Then her beautiful brown eyes just glazed over,the light just went out of them,they chased me out of the room and started CPR on her,I was trying to call my family as they did CPR,they worked on her for more than a half hour,before I told them to quit.
The hardest thing I ever said was "Quit,just leave her alone"
My Dad showed up first,and then my Husband,Mom and brother,I had to tell my Husband that she had died,it was terrible.
I will never forget that terrible day.
My beautiful little girl and only girl,She had the most awesome red hair,everyone loved it.
I have 2 sons that are 5 and 10,but it is so weird to go from having a little girl to not having one.
I feel so empty....Thank you for letting share my story.
Brandy Fisher
Mom to
Madilyn Jean Fisher
July 24th 1998 - February 1st 2002
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