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Sep 23, 2002

My world seemed to end on 9/9/01. Then two days later on 9/11/01 (World Trade Centers), everyone elses did too! On that Sunday, I was on my way from Texas to Georgia, to my sisters house. My sister had meet me in Mississippi at our Grandmother's house. We left that Sunday morning to go the rest of the way to her house. I had my 4 yr old niece, my 18 yr old niece, and my 2 1/2 yr old daughter in the car with me. My sister and her son were in the car in front of us. We made it as far as Alabama. It was raining, so we were going about 25mph in a 55mph zone. My sister made it around a curve with lots of water on the road. But I didn't. (We now find out that the road was not made right, and lots of other accidents happened in the same spot of the road) My car hydroplaned into the oncoming lane, where a big car smashed into the passenger side of my car. My car folded in half. The only part left, was my seat and the back seat behide me, where my 4 yr old niece sat. My 2 1/2 yr old daughter and my 18 yr old niece were killed almost instantly. It was not a pretty scene. My sister, in the car in front of us, she stopped in the middle of the highway and ran back to us. She knew me and her daughter were alive, because we were breathing although we were both knocked out. My sister tried to stop people on the road, but no one would stop. Finally a bus load of Army parametics stoped (God sent!). They removed me and my niece from the car on pieces of board from a nearby house. We had woke up then. They tried CPR on my daughter (she had a heartbeat, but not breathing). We were all sent by helicopter to the nearest hospital. My sister had to call my husband back home in Texas, and tell him the news. They had told her I may not make it, as well as my daughters death, and his nieces death. I know that hurt her so much! My husband and some family, jumped on a plane to Alabama. He thought he was going to claim his family. His world was collapsing fast! When they arrived, I was now out of emergency surgery, and that I would live. He went to the area that they had our daughter. He and our family held her and said goodbye. She had died 3 hrs after the accident. By the time I woke up in the ICU, the World Trade Centers had been hit. He asked many people how to tell me all this news, and not have me freak out! The doctor told him I probably wouldn't remember him telling me anyways, so advised him to wait. When He came into the ICU to see me, the first thing I asked was how everyone was doing. He told me my 4 yr old niece (in the seat behide me) had broke her jaw, but was fine. Then he went to tell me that our niece Nicole(18) had gone to heaven. When I asked about Emily, our daughter, he told me that she went to heaven with Nicole. He didn't tell me anything about New York. I was in shock by this time.
I never got to say my goodbye's to our daughter. They waited as long as they could to have the funerals because I was still in the hospital. But when the doctor removed me from all my tubes and hoses, I told him that I was going to leave because the funerals were going to be the next day (this was about 8 days later). I had no memory of about 4 days around the accident. I needed this closier. I signed out, and we had to drive the whole way back to Texas (we couldn't fly because I had had a collapsed lung). I was wheeled into the church by my husband all by ourselves, about 10 minutes before the funerals were to begin. This was the first time I saw our daughter since before the accident. I went crazy! I touched her all over, and just lost it. There were 410 poeple there for our daughter, and about the same for our niece. People really showed they cared. I had to check into our area hospital the same day, due to the injuries from the wreck and leaving the Alabama hospital. I recovered almost fully about 3 months later. Every time we hear about the New York terrorists, we have to relive those days. Me and my husband recommited ourselves and got baptized the day of her birthday 3 months later (Dec 2). Our church has helped us through this so much. Lots of our family members started going with us to our church. This ment a lot to us. God helped us so much, we wanted to share what he has done for us. Whenever I tell my husband that I want her back so bad, he says "I would feel bad to take her away from where she is now! She has seen Heaven and met Jesus. I don't want to bring her back to this earth". This makes me feel better, to know what she is experiencing.
This is the best part! We went to our doctor, and he told us we probably couldn't get pregnant soon due to my injuries (Emily had been our only child). But we went home and got pregnant a week later! We have a 2 month old son now. When I went back to doctor after emergency cesarien, he said my insides are so scared, there should have been no way for me to get pregnant without help. We had help alright! Devine help! Now the doctor says again, that we shouldn't be able to get pregnant. This son is our only child now, and we want to have more. And we will! With God's help.
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